GTA 3 PSN: features of release in Japan

GTA 3 PSN: features of release in Japan
Grand Theft Auto 3 for PSN in Japan passed 2 years. Among fans of the genre the game is not lost popularity almost 11 years since the official release for the PS2 in 2001.

Huge difference in release dates associated with the pending development of the technology. Suitable game consoles such as the PS3, only appeared in 2006. For the development of centralized's channels over the Internet it took even more time. Separate the intentions of the developers did not come either before one of the final versions of GTA 3 different gaming platforms.

the Adjustment of the final version

Total adjustments GTA 3 indirectly related to the terrorist attack in the United States, which occurred 11.09.14. The full list of changes in terms of the game, was never published. Known only to a few modifications described on a non-official sources.

Change the virtual world, first of all, touched guards. In the final version of the black police uniforms, and office machines there is an inscription LCPD. In beta coloring forms had white and blue, and the cars were brought abbreviation NYPD.

Modifications have also been a separate mission. These include jobs involving character under the name of Darkel. He belonged to the revolutionaries and tried to cause an imbalance in the economy of the city. The character has been permanently eliminated from the virtual world final version of GTA 3.

Individual changes affect adaptation GTA 3 PSN for online gaming community of Japan. Were changed or deleted scenes associated with visualization colorfully drawn bleeding. The storyline and the rendering of the game world also has been thoroughly tested for compliance with economic, political and other legal instruments in force in the territory of Japan.

GTA 3 PSN: features of release in Japan

the Release of GTA 3 for PSN in Japan

In the gaming community today there is an ongoing debate about the official release date of GTA 3 in Japan. The information is very fragmented. The most frequent references 25 and September 29, 2012 as the release date.

In fact, the release of the third GTA for PSN took place on 25 September. The gaming community has gained access to an improved gaming environment, in which it was conceived many aspects from superior graphics to the communication of the players and thematic communities.

Since the release of GTA 3 analysts noted the consistently high demand for games. Its popularity is evidenced by the evaluation of specialized gaming publications. In particular, Edge edition, IGN, GamePro, GameSpy gave their ratings over was 9.33 on a 10-point scale.

Some connoisseurs of the series Grand Theft Auto believe that to fully understand the subtleties of the genre and to achieve maximum results is only possible, when all the available parts of the GTA. Practice shows that their judgments have a fairly solid Foundation, though players are free to choose their own path in the game, where the main principle is the freedom of choice.

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