13 years since the release of GTA 3 PS in Americ

13 years since the release of GTA 3 PS in America
GTA 3 - the first three-dimensional game in the series that made her the most anticipated games in the industry. PS version, developed by DMA Design, was announced in October 2001. 8 years later it became available via digital download service Steam.

the Release of the third GTA in North America

October 22, 2001 - the date entered in the history of the gaming industry forever. In this day GTA 3 for PlayStation went on sale. The company's revenues, as its shares went up sharply, adding to the Treasury of developers for millions of dollars.

Publishers of Grand Theft Auto in North America were made by the company Rockstar Games and Valve (Steam). On other continents have been selected by other artists - 1C SoftClub, Buka.

the Graphics in GTA 3

The development of the game developers came up with their inherent sensitivity. Engine GTA 3 took into account the technical capabilities of the consoles of the past. The game is not stopped, the graphics were at a relatively high level.

Vigilant fans of the 3D shooter noticed combination of threes in the game name and the phrase "3D graphics". The randomness of this match is still shrouded in some mystery.

13 years since the release of GTA 3 PS in America

Software features GTA 3

The combination of the principle of "freedom of choice" and three-dimensional graphics was new for games of the time. For physics and rendering the virtual world responded software module Renderware. Further modifications were used in other games in the GTA series.

Players have unique opportunity to listen to their music. It is enough to load the files into the root folder of the game.

In General, the third Grand Theft Auto was a huge success and received positive reviews from critics, although no time has been convicted of an abundance of violence. For the game's release in some countries, the developers had to change some elements of the storyline. For more information, news releases, dedicated to GTA 3.

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