The release of GTA 3 Xbox in America 11 years

11 years since the release of GTA 3 Xbox in America
took more than two years since the release of the first copies of GTA 3 to make a port of the game for Xbox. Release in North America was successfully held on 31 October 2003 . The time was well spent - port characterized by improved graphics with a better texture of the surrounding world. Has been redesigned music and some sounds.

The game itself also underwent major changes associated with the events of 11 September 2001 in comparison with the beta version. Changed the color of police cars, were removed teenagers and the elderly, and school buses. Removed one of the main characters of Darkel that the plot was a revolutionary who sought to undermine the economy in the city. The game has been heavily censored, having an age limit "18+".

11 years since the release of GTA 3 Xbox in America

the gameplay in GTA 3 for Xbox

The third part of the GTA for Xbox and other gaming platforms became the first three-dimensional game in the series. It uses a new game engine that will be used in subsequent games.

The developers have revised the interface, making it more informative. On the mini-map there are additional icons for a more comfortable orientation of the players on the ground. Implemented the change of day and night, changes in weather conditions. On vehicles can be traced visual defects which do not affect the technical characteristics of the car.

9 radio stations with different genres of music will not let you get bored. One of the radios is a kind of talk show with interviews, calls listeners. Among the participants of the show you can hear the individual characters in the game. On the radio there are parodies of advertising 2001.

the vehicles and weapons

Thanks to a three-dimensional "engine" shootings have become more spectacular and dynamic, and car theft has turned into a realistic chase with police. Compared to racing simulators, control in GTA 3 was relatively simple. This nuance developers compensated for a large selection of cars, the addition of four types of boats and aircraft.

The player confront seven criminal groups, each with its own set of weapons and style of warfare. Arsenal character is no less impressive: from brass knuckles and knives, to sniper rifles with grenade launcher.

Forget about the law and obedience - no one will give you a mission to translate old ladies across the street, because the main task of the adult is to kill, Rob and destroy.

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