GTA 3 for OS X release in Europe

GTA 3 for OS X release in Europe
In Europe since the first official announcement about the release of GTA 3 to release the port for Mac OS X has been 10 years. However, interest in the gaming community during this time will not run out, because it is in this part of the GTA has been a substantial change in the visualization of the virtual environment.

The output of the third GTA became a radical change in the graphical capabilities of the series Grand Theft Auto. There has been a transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional variant of a detail of the virtual world. In addition, players had the opportunity to play from a third person in the updated hybrid environment of automotive simulation and 3D-shooter.

In GTA 3 there was no multiplayer mode, however, was carried out substantial work on the soundtrack. Recall that in the previous parts of GTA voiced a minimal number of animation effects, and speech does not exist, all dialogs are displayed as labels on the bottom of the screen. In the third GTA so significant defect was corrected.

the Release of GTA 3 for Mac OS X in Europe

The official version of the port of GTA 3 for Mac OS X in Europe appeared only 4 years ago on 12 November 2010. The game was available on Steam, where to download was required to pass a simple age-verification procedure. The fact that Europe has extended the age limit PEGI rating system. According to the research of its staff in GTA was discovered plenty of violent action. In connection with this purchase port of the game could only persons older than 18 years.

GTA 3 for OS X release in Europe
Official information about the success of the port is missing. It remains only to make logical conclusions from available official information and comments on the thematic areas. These data indicate that Mac OS X is not highly sought after, as it was "designed" primarily under quite expensive Apple device. Moreover, the gap between a full version GTA 3 for PS2, Xbox measured in years. The conclusion is that the true value of this port GTA was mainly for "collectors". Anyway, the exact amount of sales and detailed statistics is unknown as is commercially confidential.

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At the end of 2010 in North America GTA 3 was made available on OS X, and STEAM.

Port of GTA 3 for platforms iOS and Android appeared in the second decade of the 20th century.

The release of the first 3D game in the GTA series for Xbox took place in October 2003.

European players GTA 3 for PlayStation became available in 2001.

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