13 years since the release of GTA 3 PS in Europe

13 years since the release of GTA 3 PS in Europe
the Third part of the famous series of Grand Theft Auto was released in 2001. In the new game virtual world of the acquired three-dimensional format. He was far from perfect, but in the early 21st century was a real novelty. For quality three-dimensional graphics was responsible original "engine" called RenderWare, which with the release of new add-ons constantly modified.

The release of GTA 3 in Europe on the PlayStation took place on 26 October 2001. Developers had to do a lot of work to less than a year to adapt GTA 3 for PS, originally created for personal computers.

the Developers of GTA 3 for PS

The developers of GTA 3 for PlayStation was the staff of a well-known company DMA Design. As publishers in Europe made by Valve and Rockstar Games.

Presence in the game is the huge amount of violence caused assign GTA 3 age restrictions "18+".  Research on establishment age rating was attended by several well-known companies (PEGI, OFLC, BBFC).


By the time the out port on the PlayStation, GTA 3, thanks to the innovative three-dimensional graphics, managed to gain huge popularity among the owners of personal computers. Partly for this reason, the appearance of the game for the PlayStation in the stores caused a real stir. Trading results the first weeks surpassed the boldest expectations of the publishers.

13 years since the release of GTA 3 PS in Europe
Several years after release, the graphics of the game has undergone a lot of improvements, which made the gameplay more colorful and empower users.

The output port of GTA 3 PlayStation has helped to significantly increase the number of fans of this game series among European consumers. Today GTA 3 is considered to be one of the best games of its time.

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Employees of DMA Design has developed and released GTA 3 for PS to 2001.

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