The release of OS X GTA 3 in North America

the Development and release of GTA 3 OS X in North America
the Beginning of the 21st century and the development of three-dimensional graphics in the series Grand Theft Auto inextricably linked. It was at this time first began to use the latest modification of graphical engines RenderWare. They became the basis for the visual construction of the first three-dimensional environment in a series of games from RockStar.

From 2001 to 2012 in North America has published several ports of the third GTA. The opportunity to release the game, adapted for Mac OS X appeared only in 2010. Previously OS X was only at the stage of development and testing.

the Release of GTA 3 for Mac OS X in North America

In the first decade of the 21st century Mac OS X has become quite common in North America, however, gave way in popularity to other Windows systems, This prompted developers Rockstar to release a collection port of the third GTA for Mac OS X.

The official start of sales of GTA 3 for OS X in North America was announced on 22 November 2010. The game has become quite simple to acquire because the distributions it was no longer necessary to go to a physical store, all necessary operations can be performed on Steam.

Not to say that the total sales on the territory of different countries were at a high level, because plunge into the world of GTA 3 players could since 2001, thanks to the earlier ports. However, fans of the genre have appreciated the new port of the game. The most popular GTA 3 for OS X used in North America. Judging by the comments on the thematic portals, the reason for this was "parallel" to the game, because the graphical basis for the creation of an alternative world of GTA was cartography US at different times.

the Development and release of GTA 3 OS X in North America

the Differences between the original and the beta version of GTA 3

Information on official sources and user comments indicate that the beta version of GTA 3 compared to the final release was more saturated. Developers RockStar had to make serious changes to the game. The main reasons for this was a harsh criticism of the current legislation and research results age rating systems. Eventually, the previously planned release date of GTA 3 was moved a few weeks in connection with the necessity of making a number of edits. It was mentioned in the statement of official representatives of RockStar Games on September 19, 2001.

Changes the gameplay in the first place, affected virtual law enforcement agencies. In particular, changes in the colour of the transport police. The blue and white coloring was replaced by a black white. Attributes on the car replaced with the NYPD on the LCPD. The basis for creating a visual representation of law enforcement agencies was the form and the transport police in new York city. The changes also affected the "background" characters. From the streets of a virtual city removed elderly pedestrians with walkers, school buses, students and some other minor characters.

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