Releases 2003: GTA 3 for PC in Japan

Releases 2003: GTA 3 for PC in Japan
In Japan, the release of GTA 3 for Windows (PC) was held in the early autumn of 2003. For the first time the gaming community get to know all the advantages of the three-dimensional world of Grand Theft Auto.

Features 3D graphics in GTA 3

Basic mechanics in GTA 3 was derived from the 1-St and 2-nd part of the game. Innovation innovation was the use of modified software Foundation RenderWare. It is possible to form three-dimensional images and display them on the user's screen.

Processing three-dimensional graphics on common computers 2003 was a very difficult task. Developers Rockstar have found out by dividing the virtual world into several levels (districts). When moving from one area to another display welcome text and had to wait a bit. At this time, the engine was treated impressive amount of graphical information for a correct display of the gaming environment.

Releases 2003: GTA 3 for PC in Japan

the Official release of GTA 3 for PC in Japan

Interesting fact simultaneous release in Japan two ports GTA 3 for PS and Windows. Why developers simultaneously finished working on two ports? They actually based their work consistently, and simultaneous output associated with obtaining permission to sell games in Japan.

The PC version of GTA 3, oriented on sale in Japan, was slightly modified. Developers together with "localizers" were forced to cut or replace certain scenes of violence with plenty of blood and ruthless action.

Eventually, all the formalities were settled by the efforts of companies Rockstar and Capcom, the game was rushed to the stores with the age restriction 18+". The official release was on September 25, 2003.

the Reasons for the popularity of GTA 3

The third GTA was for the gaming public that "twist", which prevented the stagnation in maintaining user interest and income the company-developer Rockstar. This happened due to the approximation of the virtual world to reality by combining genres (shooter 3rd person, driving, open world), the principle of "freedom of choice", the use of 3D visualization.

These features would have been no more than a beautiful work of programmers and designers without thoughtful detail scenario is largely "copied" from real events. Developers have long studied the peculiarities of the criminal world: from variants of interaction of criminals among themselves to the consequences of their activities. In addition, all events take place on the virtual streets of the very real city of new York. In the game he is called Liberty City.

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