How to buy a house in GTA 5

How to buy a house in GTA 5
The opportunity to buy and build your own house, this distinctive especially the GTA series which appeared in GTA Vice City, many years ago. GTA 5 boasts a huge list of luxury, and not much apartments, each of which can be similar as for a successful house mafia and gangster hangout. It all depends on your progress in GTA Online. However, in a single game, no matter how much I try, but make Trevor a decent man will not work, each time he will be coming back to your stinking trailer. And Franklin will always be nostalgic to listen to the music of black streets in his luxurious mansion, trying to drag it back to the ghetto – it is useless.

To buy the property, if available in your pocket sufficient amounts, it is not difficult – simply go to the appropriate site through your phone or computer.

To buy a house in GTA 5, go to the website Select a house or apartment that you want to buy Button to buy a house in GTA 5
Buying property in GTA 5 and GTA Online are completely different things. If, in the first case, it gives the player some income and a decent place to rest between missions, in the second it is more about prestige among the players. Really, well who wants to lead a gang of friends to a party in some kind of hole for a measly $93 000?

To buy a house in GTA Online is very simple To buy an apartment in GTA Online Buy a garage in GTA 5 Online
Just GTA Online available for purchase 38 houses in the price range from $93 000 to $500 000. The value of an expensive house in GTA Online at least in the fact that having a luxury apartment allows you to create a robbery, in the framework of the Heists update. In addition, the house will be your only safe areas, as the uninvited guests are not allowed. In addition, each property comes with a garage, from 2 to 10 cars. However, you can buy and own garage. To live it is impossible, but your car will be safe and sound, in addition, for only $50 per day mechanic will keep them always in perfect condition.

Can how much does not doubt that in future updates to GTA Online will add a new property and possibly something that was not there before. And, of course, we will be happy to inform you about it first.

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