How to remove bruises in GTA 5 online

The fight in GTA 5 Online

Grand Theft Auto 5 features three playable protagonists. You’ll have to swap between them for the majority of the missions. Each character has unique abilities. You can also change the way the characters look by visiting barber shops and clothing stores. In GTA Online players can even create their own character. Those who care a lot about the customization aspect of the game also wonder, “How to remove bruises in GTA 5 Online?”.

How to remove bruises in GTA 5
It’s worth mentioning that the player doesn’t need to do anything to get rid of the bruises as they can heal by themselves in a few minutes. So there’s no need to worry about them.

Street fight in GTA 5 Online
If you really need to remove all the scars and bruises from your character, you can just change clothes. That will clean the bruising right away. But most of the time it’s enough to just wait a couple of minutes for the scars to disappear.

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