Ways to download iFruit app in GTA 5

The iFruit app in GTA 5

When trying to find an answer on how to download the iFruit app in GTA 5, bear in mind that it also exists outside the game. You can download it to your phone regardless of the OS, as long as it has sufficient specs. Just go to App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone, look for the app and download it.

What is it for

Selfies in GTA 5 Online
The app from Rockstar Games was made to allow players to stay connected to the game even when they’re not playing it. As a matter of fact, this shows us what the game industry will be like in the future when gamers will be able to play their favorite game whenever and wherever they want. With iFruit you can:
  • Customize cars;
  • Create unique license plates;
  • Train Chop (Franklin’s dog).
Why you need the iFruit app GTA 5 Online
You can do these activities through your phone and not bother with them later. In other words, you can do more fun things when you’re actually playing the game and tune your car or train Chop in your spare time by using your phone app.

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