Methods of leveling skills in GTA 5 online

Pumping skills in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V is a game that has a lot of different layers to it. It gets more and more new features as Rockstar keeps developing the series. The one feature that interests us in particular is a role-playing element, which allows players to level up their characters’ skills. However, this time it’s a little more realistic than in actual RPGs. The player has 8 main skills to play with. Each of them levels up as you use it. In other words, if you shoot all the time, you will increase your Shooting skill. In addition to that, each character has his own Special Ability.

  1. Michael is a great marksman as he can go into a bullet-time mode, Max Payne-style.
  2. Trevor is mentally unstable and can go berserk, becoming invulnerable to any damage.
  3. Franklin is a superior driver that can focus and slow down time while driving, like in
    Midnight Club.
Enhancing Special Abilities works the same as other skills. For example, to fill up Franklin’s
Stat bar, he needs to drive very fast and perform near vehicle misses, preferably on the opposite

How to level up in multiplayer

How to pump skills GTA 5
Characters don’t have Special Abilities in GTA Online, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t
level up other skills. For instance, if you want to max out your Strength, you can just punch every pedestrian on the street. But keep in mind that you’ll eventually draw cops’ attention that way. A much safer way to do it is to visit the Social Club website and go to «Jobs» section. Find a map where you can level up your skill. The idea behind it is this: you and some other player (perhaps, a friend) must deliver a package to a certain target. The enemy NPCs will try to prevent that from happening. You and the other player should agree to not complete the mission and just keep fighting off oncoming enemies. That way you can easily max out your skill level.

Stamina can be increased by simply completing missions in GTA Online. Shooting skill requires constant use of firearms. It’s also better to score headshots. Stealth is needed to complete certain missions. It usually levels up when you escape the police. But the fastest way to max it out is to go to the airport and sneak around the runway for half an hour.

Pumping piloting in GTA 5
As for Flying and Driving skills, there’s not much to say. You can level up the first one by completing Flight School. Driving can be maxed out by performing as many of Stunt Jumps as possible.

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