Half-loop in GTA 5: how to do it

How to make a half-loop in GTA 5

To perform a trick called half-loop of "Immelman", called this way because of the name of skilled pilot, who was a first man who did this trick, you should pull the helm on yourself. You shouldn't forget about the figure of horizon and indicator that looks like a strip. As soon as indicator will be filled and disappear, horizon will appeared, you should stop the rotation, because it is not necessary to perform a full turnover. Instead of this you will need to turn flying "feet up" plane along the longitudinal axis to left the plane to normal position, saying other words, perform "half of barrel". Congratulations! You have performed a trick, that was hard for you some moments earlier and this trick is called half-loop of "Immelman".

Aerobatics GTA 5
If you are still in doubt about how to make a half-loop in GTA 5, videos of different bloggers will surely explain everything more clearly to you. We want to warn you that perfect performance of this trick – result of painstaking trainings in flight school. You can make sure of it on your own, when you will see how it looks like. Therefore, we do not recommend beginners to take up for its performance. It will be right decision, if you will complete training first. And only after that you can have a risk.

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