How to buy a motorcycle club in GTA 5 online

How to buy a motorcycle club in GTA 5 online

About upgrade

In 2016 for the GTA Online game was made an upgrade, called “bikers”. RockStar have added new modes of confrontation, clothes, bikes, weapons, tattoos and moto clubs, about which I will tell you in this article.

How is it possible to buy a club house?

To do it we should enter on the page of Maze Bank on your mobile phone, chose any club – in the outskirts for small amount of money or closer to the center of Los-Santos, that will cost you huge amount of money. As in the case with other real estate (yachts, offices), here you can choose a complete set - it all depends on your budget. In any clubhouse you can put 10 motorcycles. You can become the president of a motorcycle club immediately after the purchase. For this you will need to use interaction menu or computer, which is placed in the building.

Opportunities for the owner of the club

A motorcycle club in GTA 5
President of the club could hire up to 7 candidates, they could be given such ranks as: thug, sergeant, captain, vice president, each of them has unique abilities. There is also an opportunity to create buildings, where you can place your motorbike and regenerate health of drivers.

Earning money on biker business

You can do 4 things while staying in the clubhouse:
  • Club contracts. 11 different missions, which includes ambushes on arms dealers, liquidation or protection of any target (for example, a convoy, or civilian).
  • Clubs’ tests. Competitions of members of one gang with each other in such modes as: find and destroy, on the rear wheel, intentional damage
  • Tests of members. 4 competitions, each of them might be completed by biker with certain rank.
  • Tasks of club. 4 types of missions, in which all members of the server could take part in.

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