Sharks in GTA 5

How to find a shark in GTA 5

Fifth version of popular game is equipped with incredibly beautiful underwater world. Developers have done their best. Here you will find abandoned ships, hidden treasures and a lot of different weapon. On the seashore of Pacific ocean hidden a lot of useful things: bulletproof vest, ammunition, medical kit, cases with money.

What do you need for underwater hunting

Character is not prepared for underwater fishing very well, because of this you will need to buy scuba gear. On the seashore find inflatable boat Nagasaki Dinghy, or bathyscaphe that is situated on the Sonar Collections Dock station. Scuba gear will give you an opportunity to stay underwater for a long time and if you meet an enemy, you will have more chances to survive. Also you will need a knife to fight with marine predator.
The hammerhead shark from GTA 5
To find a bit fish, you will need to swim as far as possible from the shore. Use a boat to do it. Being on the water choose any weapon and shoot to the approaching aim. If you have decided to fight in melee, you can reach your goal on hydrocycle. To know about the approximation of shark, you should watch on the map attentively. You will see a red icon on the map as soon as the predator will be nor far from you. Be careful, there are a lot of creatures in the underwater world. You shouldn't relax, if you have killed one of them. Now you know, how to find a shark in the GTA 5 and can bravely proceed to the task.

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