To stun with a stun gun in GTA 5

Как в ГТА 5 оглушить шокером

As in GTA 5 stun Shocker.

Stun gun in the game-a very rare weapon and just so it will not succeed get. It has an infinite number of charges and is effective at short range. However, the farther the enemy, the more difficult it is becomes hit, and reload between shots is 4 seconds,that forces you to aim very precisely.

The use of the stun gun in GTA 5
The advantages of the Shocker are as follows:
  1. Instantaneous incapacitation of any person, whether a civilian or a special forces soldier;
  2. Infinite number of charges;
  3. Accurate shots;
  4. Quiet;
  5. When neutralizing a person, not looking for the police.
All of the above unique characteristics can not get at the beginning of the game. To get the Shocker, you need to pass the mission Trevor, related to immigrants. In the course of their execution will be given a Shocker that will remain with the character forever. Just stun gun will appear in the store weapons and will be available to the other two heroes for a small fee.

The Shocker in the game GTA
Unfortunately, in GTA Online developers have not provided the opportunity
the use of this weapon. So honest gaming ways in multiplayer game it is not available.
The only way is to activate cheats, but this is a violation of the rules of the game.

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