Ways to pump the shooting in GTA 5

How to bleed the shooting in GTA 5

Shooting is one of the most important elements of GTA V. The player will constantly have to shoot throughout the game, so it’s useful to know how to level up your Shooting skill in the game. You can just forget about it and let it level up by itself as you’re going to shoot anyway, but there are easier ways to do that.

Why do you need a Shooting skill?

How to bleed the shooting in GTA 5
By leveling it up, you become more efficient with different types of weapons. It affects the following characteristics:
  • Minimizes recoil;
  • Reduces reload time;
  • Increases ammo capacity.

How to level up Shooting skill fast?

How to bleed the shooting in GTA 5
The rule is simple – the more damage you deal with firearms, the more you level up the skill. It’s better to score headshots when killing NPCs or other players. In order to kill more NPCs, find a place where they keep coming and shoot them. You can also play Martin’s or Gerald’s missions where you have to kill massive numbers of people without cops getting in your way.

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