To buy a mask of an owl in GTA 5

Where to buy owl mask in GTA 5

How to buy an owl mask in GTA 5

Masks in GTA 5 act as an additional element of character customization. There’s only one time in the storyline mode when you have to buy masks. It’s during a pre-heist mission right before «Blitz play».

Where to buy owl mask in GTA 5
Even though masks aren’t used too much in the story, the developers paid a lot of attention to them. So now we have all sorts of different masks to choose from: hockey masks, animal masks, theater masks and many more.

How to buy an owl mask:

Where to buy owl mask in GTA 5
First, you have to go to the Virus street. Find the Vespucci Movie Masks store. It’s marked as a mask on the map, so it won’t be hard to locate. Here you can purchase pretty much any mask in the game, except for the ones that are added during certain events. These can only be bought during a limited amount of time.

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