Обновления Verified Jobs в GTA Online

Update Verified Jobs in GTA Online
as a result of submitted players developments were allocated 10 best Rockstar Verified Jobs. On the basis of an independent evaluation in the near future will be chosen the winner who will be pleasantly surprised. Each player in GTA Online can now evaluate one of the 10 methodical works

Update Verified Jobs in GTA Online Update Verified Jobs in GTA Online

Final Destination from the user TonyResta

Development of the "destination" became the first in the history of proven Air Race. This is due to the complexity of creation of such zones. TonyResta successfully coped with his idea and now in heaven Los Santos unfolding the fascinating spirit of the air events. All players will be able to demonstrate their flying skills, earning a rating.

2 Mile Lap Divided from Family1974

The user Family1974 is already experienced by the Creator for Verified Jobs. One of his previous works - 4 Way Madness.

Once his creation, he would maximize the probability of collisions and direct conflict. The action takes place on the road. High speed and stunning turn of events is inevitable.

Update Verified Jobs in GTA Online Update Verified Jobs in GTA Online

Alleyways from Omgsamurai

Players will take part in races on a motorcycle, overcoming winding alleys in GTA Online. The user Omgsamurai is among the Japanese team, which has published almost 3300 works. The user has published 30 creations.

Break out the Brakes from IckyDoodyPoopoo

The work was included in Verified Jobs into force of good implementation scenario. Thought routes in Los Santos, reasonable use of props. Pass the new mission will be able to users who work hard on their driving skills. The user IckyDoodyPoopoo is the Creator of this creation and is included in the command GTA Races.

Update Verified Jobs in GTA Online Update Verified Jobs in GTA Online

Riding the Tracks from Ben.Stock96

The racers will have to overcome a long route of 11 miles. It runs along the railway line in Blaine County and Los Santos. On it at any time you may receive counter locomotive composition.

Simple Sanchez from Refuso

The original race on off-road cars and bicycles is held on the territory of the Vinewood Hills. Players will face formidable road areas, unexpected twists and colourful scenery.

Update Verified Jobs in GTA Online Update Verified Jobs in GTA Online

The Dirty Maze from Dannyar21

The user skillfully used previously undervalued areas. Now they actively race is held on two-wheeled transport.

White Cars Can't Jump from Therealxstacide

The main emphasis is on air tricks using cars. Correctly implemented the ability of dangerous jump through the train.

Update Verified Jobs in GTA Online Update Verified Jobs in GTA Online

Little Seoul Park from Phipparama

Fights Team Deathmatch are held in the Park of Little Soul. Here "recreation area" takes on a whole different meaning. Using RPG, grenades, gas cylinders violates the prevailing silence.

Area from 53 Giuli0207

"Area 53" - another creation in the spirit of Team Deathmatch. The action takes place on a sandy beach and promise a lot of unforeseen events. In the description Verified Jobs mentioned military and UFOs.

Representatives Rockstar draw the attention of the developers on the fact that in Verified Jobs may be minor changes. They would not affect the overall scenario and displaying graphics. Questions you can ask technical support Rockstar.

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2014-04-21 10:40:22

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