Update Fan Vids: tricks and landscapes

Update Fan Vids: tricks and landscapes
Inspired players GTA Online continue to send in their creation. This week came videos that clearly demonstrate the capabilities of the virtual world of Los Santos, shop residence De Santa and others. Some editing works represent a parallel between the GTA games and Mods.

In the video Hyper Timelapse GTA 5 canadian artist Benoit Paille maps scenery in GTA 5 with photographic still lifes from the series "Crossroad of Realties". He managed to create an amazing alternative to the bustle of the city and the significance of the events in Los Santos and Blaine County.

Original music video on motives GTA Online

Video "No. There is a Glow" sent the user Machinima. The concept of work was compiled by the editor Johnny Agnew from Leighton Dyer. Based roller taken breathtaking events, inherent in the atmosphere Los Santos - chaotic explosions, gunfire, crash helicopter and much more.

Movie GTA 5 Stunt Montage

For the cutscene again took on a professional team. It included players MxZz, BenBuja, KillaMarci, TaZ. They show amazing tricks in the Del Perro Pier. Aggressive behavior, well-organized tricks, the call to the criminal world GTA Online - are the distinguishing features of creators.

Movie The BX Flow

The basis of the video is based on professional tricks on bicycles and other vehicles. Among the creators came players ErasableNinja, ProLaps, Eris. The audience will see dangerous maneuvers, flip 360 degrees.

Movie Minecraft Michael's House GTA 5

Talented fans of 3D-shooter - Keralis and Shiftmaster created an alternate view residence De Santa using Minecraft Inspiration Series. Were taken into consideration all the details, including a view of the exterior and interior - bedroom, tennis court, swimming pool, garage.

Recommended to viewing video

Edition Rockstar offers to viewing several unique rollers, previously reported in the Tweeter. Announced editing work is now available on the Youtube channel.

The Purge: Anarhy from Grandpa Carl

BMX Freestyle (epic stunts)

Online Flying Planes Through the Vinewood Sign

The Jump: 28 Buses from Rewarder Gaming

Fusion a GTA 5 TeamTage - Versa Alliance

Selfie Autotune

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