Update Capture Jobs in GTA Online

Update Capture Jobs in GTA Online
last Friday, the players in GTA Online had the opportunity to create their own jobs. Creating a mission in one of the 4 variations Capture Job (Contend, GTA, Hold, Raid), his creation to share in the social world Social Club.

There is a growth in the activity of players who switch to game mode Capture. Join them and be immersed in the criminal world Los Santos and Blaine County everyone can. A brief look at the most relevant for players Capture Jobs.

Contend: Salty Snatch

The main direction of the mission - import products. The fight for the title of the leader and the reputation of rage.

GTA: All Abhorred

Actions deploy in the area of fleet of buses, located in Los Santos. To participate in every match may only two teams. Their main goal is to get the vehicle in its sole use.

GTA: Field of Screams

It is time to harvest, and tractors in Grapeseed not enough. Agriculture Blaine County is on the verge of ruin. Two competing teams trying to get at its disposal a tractor Fieldmaster and to drive it to the base.

Hold: Freight Fight

And again unfolding struggle between importers who are trying to get valuable cargo and save it in the property.

Raid: High Road

Interlocking ways of life hikers, bird watchers, Rangers and drug couriers inevitable. Unfolds active struggle for the right rapid access to the sea Alamo through the tunnel.

Raid: Wargames

Events begin to develop at Fort Zancudo Air Base. The use of military aircraft, a violent confrontation between the teams for the division of spheres of influence is only the beginning...

On the official pages Social Club, and other information resources (Instagram, YouTube etc) have already appeared dozens of videos and photos on the achievements of players GTA Online.

Update Capture Jobs in GTA Online

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2014-04-14 08:14:28

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The creators of the four best Capture the Jobs will receive a special award from Rockstar.

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Team GTA Online continue to send photo and video reports about the game matches.

Update GTA Online take into account the wishes of the players and is scheduled for spring 2014.

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