Spring renewal GTA Online

Spring renewal GTA Online
In the company of Rockstar are actively developing new updates for GTA Online. Players will be able to evaluate new modifications in the coming months.

At the end of 2014 will be many updates and GTA GTA Online 5. Among them festive additions games and interesting modifications Story Mode DLS. And while a more detailed look at the coming of spring renewal.


Team GTA Online with reliable players or random mercenaries will get the opportunity to earn additional revenue and reputation, participating in missions Heists.

Capture Creator

Already next week, players can create their own Jobs Capture, complementing over 3.5 million different materials created for Deathmatches and Races. Previously approved materials available for review in social club, Social Club. To create a unique Capture the Jobs necessary to determine weapons, transport, countryside, to choose many game settings, and to develop a winning strategy. Representatives Rockstar will regularly monitor the new work, to choose the best and to award winners high status in Rockstar Verified.

The High Life Update

In Los Santos will be a modern residential complexes, equipped with the latest technology, as well as new items of clothing. Among the updates fleet will appear motorcycle Dinka Thrust and three luxury car, including Pegassi Zentorno. Players will get the opportunity to have owned several garages at the same time.

Within each session of play GTA Online will be statistics on psychological state of a character. During gameplay access to it will be able to get any friendly or foe.

The High Life Update

Players influence the development updates

Since the launch of GTA Online representatives Rockstar monitor the positive and negative feedback, and consider useful tips, advice and wishes. They all considered in the design of updates.

Many users were dissatisfied with the change of aerodynamic features of motorcycles and bicycles, which was affected by the recent update. In the near future will be made the necessary adjustments and players will have the opportunity to be creative, performing aerial stunts on two-wheeled transport. Reaction known GTA-stuntman Kwebbelkop, who learned about the rollback of some updates captured on video:

On the basis of the wishes of the players will also have the following changes in GTA Online:
1. Added "contactless" race. The magnitude of impacts from collisions with various objects will be significantly reduced.
2. To receive the opportunity to commit any criminal acts within a limited period of time.
3. Added RP-bonuses for feedback on passed missions.
4. Increased some bonuses GTA $.
5. Removed all RP-bonuses received by dishonest means.
6. Removed the limit of the maximum selling price of the car (10 thousand dollars), upgraded Title Update 1.10.

All players can influence the development of new updates. Just send representatives Rockstar their feedback, suggestions and wishes.

the Players influence the development update

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