Achievements teams GTA Online: photos and video

success GTA Online photo and video reviewsPlayers GTA Online continue to publish new photos in Snapmatic and videos on YouTube channels and Twitch. They demonstrate achievements of the commands and enable to plunge into the world of the game.

Team members GTAAdventures (GTAA) was recreated realistic scene using a sniper rifle with a clear line between spyware movies and GTA Online.

In this video depicts a battle of two teams - Traffickers (TRFK) and KOPS. With a score of 945 against 822 team TRFK won.

For the battles at the front of the audience in a queue multiple commands. Among others into their number entered XKSA, KOAR, TLGN, LSMF, WEED. Everything's associations wishing to join them, can send a request to

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an Overview of recent mail
Illustration sent from crew members XDBX with the leader JustHatched. The team has its own forum, actively participates in competitions Rockstar.

The perfect combination of hard fighting and team spirit demonstrated on the video team members GAGE.

The video captured "epic" battle between the teams BANG and GANG leader HOT KIMERA.

Confrontation team Freddie Gibbs ESGN and HOT 97's HIP HOP GAMER'S

Confrontation team Freddie Gibbs ESGN and HOT 97's HIP HOP GAMER'S
On pictures clearly shows that Freddie Gibbs and HipHopGamer fully immersed in the game process Deathmatch and are very happy with them. Players and fans of the genre who live broadcast of this event, you can watch a recording right now.

Between the teams GTA Online continuing battle for absolute power and friendly matches. Their achievements will be published in the newsletter. Each team can get in the view of the gaming public. It is enough to take an active part in social life Social Club, to publish the results of their achievements and create thematic portals dedicated to his team.

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