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Music pack in GTA 5
For the creation of soundtracks for Grand Theft Auto 5 did the musicians Electronic Musician - one of the most well known and respected in the professional circles magazines. Musicians Alchemist and Oh No earlier pleased players with their creations to the music of GTA with participation Flying Lotus and a Chain Gang of 1974. Under the agreement, representatives Rokstar with Woody Jackson (woody Jackson) continues to record new albums.

For each character, was appointed one musician. They not only make music, but also voiced speech, actions in the game (sounds of the door opening machine, destruction, etc.). For the development of new sound effects was used many instruments, orchestras and works of famous personalities. In particular, in the development of the music participates DJ Shadow.

Exclusive update music GTA Online

A number of songs will be available only to players GTA Online. Opens access to the instrumental music from Woody Jackson, Alchemist, Tangerine Dream and other composers and DJs. Music selection have never before been published.

New albums from artists GTA 5

Chaing Gang 1974, has released a new music collection called «Daydream Forever». As a bonus, it includes a Remix of the song «Sleepwalking». Also have a new album from Freddie Gibbs «Pinata». Earlier his music was played on radio stations in Los Santos. Freddie took part in broadcast Rockstar Twich called «GTA Online Crew Battle against Hot 97's Hip Hop Gamer». Broadcast took place last weekend. Players propestive this event, you can watch the recording here.

What are the new songs will get in the game is not yet clear. Will be owned the copyright to the music representatives Rockstar or exclusively to its creators also remains unknown.

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2014-04-01 10:56:59

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