Capture Jobs: awards for winners

Capture Jobs: awards for the winners
Over 4 million players in GTA Online have made efforts to create new commands, missions and fights (Races, Deathmathes). Within the last update they were able to create new Jobs Capture. To appear in the light of the unique Jobs missions, works) you must choose the transportation, armament, the place of the events, and to set many other parameters. The creators GTA Online regularly keep track of the best creations of awarding the winners of the status Rockstar Verified. To assist in the development of new Jobs created special guide in pdf format.

Awards for the winners Capture Jobs

As an incentive for talented fans of 3D-shooter over the weekend launched a new bonus system. In its framework will be 4 selected the best works in the Capture. Their creators will have a unique access to $ GTA 1 000 000 and CaptureWeekend Awards. Also they will be assigned the status of a Rockstar Verified and sent the invitation to participate in the broadcast Twitch, to play in front of other users and to comment on his Capture Jobs.

Double bonuses for players

Until April 20, playing Capture Jobs, users have access to opportunities 2X GTA $RP. Within its framework there is an opportunity to get double bonuses for the rapid development of the game character.

Capture Jobs: awards for the winners
All players who have created their own Jobs Capture, can become one of the 4 winners. It is enough to publish their work in Social Club and enjoy the game in GTA Online.

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2014-04-15 06:44:07

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