Update illustrations fan art from 29 April

Update illustrations fan art of 29 April
Presents to Your attention the latest collection of updates fan art GTA 5. The principle of freedom of the game, amazing realistic and meaningful characters encourage talented players to the creation of new illustrations.

Update illustrations fan art of 29 April
German artist Saskia continues to send in their creation. In them there are touching the scenario which was inherent in the world of GTA 5-series. Amanda sees Michael and Trevor who peacefully chatting at the cups of tea, sitting on a tiny plastic chairs.

Update illustrations fan art of 29 April
The picture is called "Somebody save that teddy bear" (literally, "somebody save Teddy bear"). This painting was created by the Korean artist 6myrtle. Deep meaning in relationships Trevor with children's world of soft toys.

Update illustrations fan art of 29 April
It is difficult to refuse the invitation for me to participate in the next match between players of GTA. The illustration was created by the Dutch artist Menno Wittebrood especially for his work in duels Deathmatch. Menno Wittebrood known in the social world Social Club as Tapirus and is the leader of the team Mudstick.

Update illustrations fan art of 29 April
Complex parallel between reality and the world of GTA 5 tries to recreate the user Radiopappa. Judging by his latest creations, he is good at that. This time based illustrations Radiopappa took the following characters: Michael, Trevor and Amanda.

Update illustrations fan art of 29 April
The user Wade-crazy decided to emphasize in the illustration, one of the undervalued characters in GTA 5.

Update illustrations fan art of 29 April
Illustration is intriguing title "...No problem kid...". In the work of the author BlockHead traced the thin parallel with the work Radiopappa.

Update illustrations fan art of 29 April
Simple everyday moments notices artist Wholahayola in the family idyll Michael, Jimmy and Tracy.

Update illustrations fan art of 29 April
Designer Juan Manuel Orozco's created a colorful layout posters for dog training Academy Franklin.

Edition Rockstar considers all creations of talented players that are directly or indirectly connected with the world of GTA. The best works selected by moderators and published on the official news portals. To specific activities could see thousands of users it is enough to declare itself in Instagram and send a request to e-mail Rockstar (MouthOff).

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