The may update the video Crew Rockstar

the May update the video Crew Rockstar
update video Rockstar entered broadcast live "Crew vs Crew" (team vs team), as well as themed video sent by players GTA.

Online battles: Thug against Ordo

Team players have settled their differences and proved the superiority of one over another in a live broadcast channel Rokstar Twich in the framework of the matches of the series Crew Battle. The battle started with a somewhat one-sided skirmish between the teams Thug and Ordo, where they could have fun at the glory.

The team leader Ordo managed not only to participate in combat and control the actions of the team members, but also to communicate live via Skype. In parallel, it was unloaded in a network of photos and videos, giving viewers the opportunity to enjoy a full picture of what is happening.

On a course of fight the alignment of forces and priorities were constantly changing. The results turned out to be the winning team Ordo.

Koar against Pbnk

Public battle command was preceded by an informal game, where players were able to study the enemy and to hone skills. In duels Deathmatches unfolding in Los Santos, participants Pbnk wanted to play on the excitement of the team Koar. The desired goal to achieve them failed. Team members Koar confirmed its reputation by winning victory in the 10 missions Capture Jobs.

Gtaf against Xksa

Competition in skill between Gtaf and Xksa was held last Friday. The team also participated in 10 selected Capture Jobs. The team Xksa inferior Gtaf on their achievements from the beginning of the match. The outcome of the bout became apparent.

Each team wishing to participate in the online broadcast, may send its proposal to The authors of the most interesting proposals will be able to take part in live and to show their skills fans of GTA.

GTA: video from users

Los Santos and Blaine County also was excellent venues for the embodiment of creativity of talented players. In their works often observed crossing with action movies, covers of well-known musicians and other leaders in the cultural sphere.

Video created on the basis of a book published in 1972, a famous author Steven Thompson. In 1998 he released the film "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas" on motives of the book Thompson.

the May update the video Crew Rockstar
The team LXG recently published in Snapmatic new illustration. It is an individual interpretation of a scene in the film reservoir dogs.

Video sent representatives of the team Soya. Their statement is the element of surprise and the initial uncertainty of what is happening.

There is a growing interest of players to the musical theme. The team Donz put their own performance with the participation of 50 Cent called "Straight to the Bank". The Creator brought excellent combination of colors and music.

In the video from the team Sons actively used pictures from Snapmatic to completely reconstruct the original author.

Original video using frames from GTA Online managed to create crew members DMND.

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