The winners Rockstar Verified Jobs

Declared the winners Rockstar Verified Jobs
Rockstar congratulates the four winners of the vote #CaprureWeekend. Their works were selected from dozens of creatures GTA Online Capture Jobs sent talented fans of video games. Each of them will receive a bonus GTA $ 1 000 000 and can take part in broadcast Rockstar Games to talk about his creation in the game. Consider their work in more detail.

Contend: Corrupt Cops from JuzSlain

Competing units of law enforcement agencies arrange chase on the shores Procopio Beach in Paleto. Their goal is to arrest armed gang and the confiscation of their goods as evidence of a crime. Possible criminal groups should not be underestimated. They can always open the chest of a corrupt officer, if the latter will allow for the slightest error.

GTA: That's My Rhino from RikkiVercetti

Two group prepared pilots P-996 Lazers in hot pursuit follow Phino Tank. The main action takes place above the sea Alamo and on land. Following the tank, it is necessary to remember, that the land it is guarded by armed mercenaries who would not rejoice in the infringer of its frontiers.

Recall that the Creator of this mission RikkiVercetti is a member of team Creator's Core Club, which account for 37 GTA Online Jobs Capture.

GTA: Playback Time from MaximilianR18

In the framework of the mission will be formed number of transportation units on bicycles and cars. The damage from collisions between squad member will be minimized. Thoughtful route, violent confrontations, high speed and other surprises await players of this mission.

Contend: Adventure Team from Organlegger

To accomplish this mission, players have a choice of a wide range of vehicles and the parachute. In the end, even experienced players come to the conclusion that the jump will be the fastest and safe way to arrive at your destination.

Any work GTA Online Jobs Capture can be chosen. For this you need to claim their creations in Social Club, Instagram and other social services Rockstar. Moderators regularly monitor publications and choose the best of creation.

Company Rockstar reserves the right to make minor changes in the selected Jobs. The changes do not affect scripts mission. All selected Jobs can be adapted for different gaming platforms, such as PS3, Xbox360. Information on copyright issues can be clarified by contacting Rockstar.

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