Create missions GTA Online: tips from Rockstar

Create missions in GTA Online: tips from Rockstar
the may edition of tips from Rockstar is designed to help beginners and professional developers. They will be useful for authoring Capture the Jobs that will be exciting and graphically balanced. All these nuances are used in recent Rockstar Verified Jobs, for which the best authors have received honoraria.

getting Started

Create missions in GTA Online: tips editorial Rockstar
If you have worked in GTA Online Creator, many of the options for creating Jobs may seem familiar. The first steps creators will be the choice of the name, photographs and drafting mission.

Upon completion of the choice of initial settings go to menu "Placement", in which you can combine the elements of the future of the mission together. Next you need to pay attention to the static parameters that will not change in the future.

1. The title, description and illustrations of the mission for publication in Social Club or in GTA Online.
2. The starting point on the map where players will begin to fulfill the mission.
3. Objects that players will have to transport, to protect.

Upon completion of these steps, you must run a single run and make sure there are no errors.

Important recommendations

The number of teams and players will have a direct impact on graphic representation of the mission. You need to choose a comparable area.

It is very important to specify the detailed description for each mission. It should include description of the area, the objectives, the weapons used, transport and other parameters, giving a complete picture of the mission.

Starting areas for the teams, it is desirable to choose in opposite corners of the area. To control these and other areas in the menu "Placement" you must choose a partition "Zones in the Creator".

In the section "Team Details" menu "Capture Details" you can install spawn points for players that can be ground and air transportation.

As with the creation of Races and Death matches, you can immediately go to any part of the game world, by selecting the corresponding item on the map in the menu item "pause".

Create missions in GTA Online: tips editorial Rockstar

the Choice of actors

The characters in the game are selected in the menu "Placement" - "Actors". Creators can choose one or more types of characters (police, gang members, military etc), their appearance. In fine settings you can adjust the levels of hostility and friendliness of the characters against one of the teams. Select the weapons and vehicles that they can use. One of the most significant parameters of each character is a level of professionalism.

Type mission Contend

Create missions in GTA Online: tips editorial Rockstar
Anyone can enter up to 4 instructions. Purpose of capturing object on neutral ground and its transportation to the base. You can choose from three types of objects - duffle bag, the bag with money and secure the case. Is not necessary that all the teams were hunting for the same object. You can experiment. In the beginning of the game all teams should have equal chances to win.

Regardless of the other types of missions (GTA, Hold, Raid) creators need to think of the smallest elements of each task. For example, you can familiarize yourself with the similar works by other creators.

Create missions in GTA Online: tips editorial Rockstar Create missions in GTA Online: tips editorial Rockstar Create missions in GTA Online: tips editorial Rockstar
After creating a new mission simply click the Publish button in the Capture menu Creator. If a button is disabled, you should see a list of possible errors. They are highlighted in red and an exclamation mark.

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