Update "The High Life" for GTA Online

Update «The High Life» for GTA Online
on may 13 will be released "The High Life" pack for GTA Online. They include luxury apartments, four cars, a powerful rifle. The possibility of players in Los Santos will be expanded by adding ownership of several luxurious apartments. In particular, the market will be the estate in the elite objects, such as Eclipse, Towers, Richards Majestic and some others.

Update «The High Life» for GTA Online
For all comers to expand its collection in the garage will be an additional opportunity to drive him in 3 luxury car and one new motorcycle. Among the vehicles from Motorsport will be available Enus Huntley's, Dewbauchee Massacro, Pegassi Zentornoi and Dinka Thrust. They are available with any garage owned by the player.

Useful update "Contactless race". Within its framework, the player can run a special mode races in order to minimize the damage from collisions with other vehicles. New players will appear translucent. To encounter them is impossible. However, the risk of collision with the scenery (buildings, trees etc) will remain.

Update «The High Life» for GTA Online
To protect their interests from claims of other characters and players will be using the new Bullpup rifle. To protect and attacks will also be useful statistics on psychological state of the players in your session. It will allow to evaluate the professionalism and attitude rivals and friendly characters.

Update "The High Life" also includes 15 new missions. Players are waiting for the updated territorial areas, new jobs, unexpected turns of events and many surprises prepared by the developers Rockstar. Detailed information will be available after the automatic integration pack with GTA Online.

Update «The High Life» for GTA Online

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2014-05-08 09:42:49

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