Updates in GTA Online may 13,

Update in GTA Online from may 13
With 13 may 2014 to download an update is available "The High Life". Players in GTA Online are available to new real estate objects, weapons, and special features.

Basic upgrade

Update "The High Life" allows you to own in Los Santos two luxury apartments at the same time. New property available in Richards Majestic Rocford Hills, Eclipse Towers in Vinewood, Tinsel Towers in Little Seoul, Del Perro Heights.

Proficiency in both real estate objects allows the use of two garages. Among other vehicles, they can drive a motorcycle Dinka Thrust and 3 new car - Enus Huntley, Dewbauchee Massacro, Pegassi Zentorno. New transportation is available for selection and purchase in the Store Mode and Legendary Motosport.

Shop Ammu-Nation new Bullpup rifle. It will help to protect your interests and to get people's property in the vastness of the criminal world GTA Online.

New transportation, real estate and weapons is already available for players. In the near future it is planned activation of new Jobs GTA Online. This will include 8 contact missions to pass some of them will require ingenuity and cold calculation.

Fixed bug in GTA Online

Update "The High Life" 1.13 on March 13, includes bug fixes in the game:

1. Adjusted update aerodynamic properties rental. Fixed payments of physics soft phone
2. Modified visualization system inside the garage.
3. Fixed bug with impossibility to return the insured car.
4. Fixed a bug which resulted in the flamethrowers Fire Truck do not work correctly.

Full list of fixes posted on the official pages Rockstar.

Update "The High Life" also include enhanced gaming experience. Let's consider them in more detail.

New opportunity # 1: Mental state players

If one user starts to attack innocent pedestrians or to terrorize the other players, then its actions will become visible for the gaming community. On the map each user a red dot appears, showing aggressive actions of the player.

The intensity of the psychic signals" will increase when the user manifests unjustified criminal activity. The level of the mental state will be the same in the case of murder of peaceful players or more users, showing increased aggression.

Opportunity # 2: Contactless race

With the appearance of new players look translucent. To encounter them is impossible. This preserves the risk of collisions with objects of the surrounding world.

Opportunity # 3: Observers

If one of your friends is not connected to the current session, you can make the observer. For this active player within the session should add one or more friends as observers developments.

№4: a New clothing

To choose the right outfit from several items of clothing can be quite difficult. So pack "The High Life" included several sets, among which you will find the reflection of the individual style of the main character.

To download updates to "The High Life" 1.13 you must start the server download games on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Upon completion of the unattended installation, you will need to run GTA Online. For compatibility updates to the game will be prompted to download another patch. After a successful installation, new functionality will be available for use.

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