The winners of the contest Rokstar Snapmatic

Winners Rokstar Snapmatic
Creative contests from the series "Cargobob" continue. Their goal is to requisition military helicopter for transportation machines and other objects in the most unsuitable for this place. During the creative approach to the tasks you need to do screenshots of the screen. Subsequently they are loaded in a competitive group Snapmatic. To take part in photo contests are all welcome.

The result of the recent days the company Rokstar were selected 5 winners of the competition. They will receive bonuses from GTA series $ and preferred opportunities in Grand Theft Auto 5. Look from the outside at their work.

Winners Rokstar Snapmatic

Illustration of "Beer Run" from the user Jimmy Desanta

Members of the social club Rokstar Jimmy and Bobby decided to poison a small truck to a beach party. It is completely out of place and is a direct threat to the visitors.

Winners Rokstar Snapmatic

"Pillbox Hill" from PADRINOxX

The illustration shows the professionalism and resourcefulness players. To lay down such an unusual hill of buses by helicopter only experienced players. In comments to the illustrations in Snapmatic, Social Club, users started the argument about what heights can reach a similar structure.

Winners Rokstar Snapmatic

"Perro Del Beach" from dukelito

The user dukelito decided to replace classic cars on a roller coaster. Now they are riding machine, it is not fit for such an unusual roads. The crashes are not avoid.

Winners Rokstar Snapmatic

"GTA Stonehenge" from KnoxNerd

The player, inspired by ancient architecture, decided to play Stonehenge. The basis for the virtual structure was not a classic stone blocks and trucks, stacked by helicopter.

Winners Rokstar Snapmatic

"Rockford Hills" from STEAM POWERED

Research submarine has never been so far from the usual depths of the ocean. Now her movement will depend on the decisions of the aircraft crew.

The company Rokstar noted several works whose authors will be awarded with incentive bonuses. Among the pictures ThanksCargobob", "Los Santos Freeway", "Los Santos AKA New Atlantis".

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2014-05-15 04:07:17

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