GTA Online team gaining players: update 07/05/14

a Set of at commands GTA Online: update from 7.05.14
Continues to publish summaries of commands GTA Online who are actively seeking new members. All presented on the "Bulletin Board" crews take an active part in social life Rockstar and well organized.

Command Money Task Force

Money Task Force logo
The main goal of the team headed by the user Yavvii - earned money. Currently recruiting new players. They must send the application to the user Yavvii or alvinlowery21 with a request to join the crew. Among the players has a strong rule - no Mat.
Money Task Force

Brasil 360 live

Brasil live 360 logo
Leader - RenatoBMX. The team has a live page on Facebook and own website, which is regularly updated. The crew refers to Brazilian teams with a rigid organization among the players. Motto - "to kill or die together."
Brasil live 360

Evil Crime Syndicate

Evil Crime Syndicate logo
The head of the Association - the user GermanRedSkull. Goal is the expansion of spheres of influence and indwelling of fear in opponents. The team conducts an active battle in the vast city of Los Santos and the district of blaine. Between team members sociable and friendly. The opponents used only one phrase - "We declare war!".
Evil Crime Syndicate

Black Wasp

Black Wasp logo
The leader of "Lieutenant" Viper-29. The crew is not numerous, but all the players are professionals in their field. Team members are jointly and fairly. They never kill virtual characters without good reason.
Black Wasp

Kung Fu Krakens

Kung Fu Krakens logo
To join the crew, each player who knows the meaning of the word "loyalty". The first 3 new members will receive an automatic upgrade to the "Lieutenant". Subsequent 3 players can expect to receive a welcome bonus.
Kung Fu Krakens

To live another day

To live another day logo
As the name suggests, the team is trying to "stay another day" in the criminal environment of Los Santos. Organization of crew members engaged leader - user DrakeCarter1. Recruiting new members is conducted with the purpose to sow chaos in the South San Andreas.

Gigante Crime Family

Gigante Crime Family
The team leader IGotLongChin operates the unwritten code of honor, which must comply with all participants. Currently, the number of teams is more than 100 players. Respect and loyal attitude from other people the team has achieved more than 2 years. The activities of the team has an impact on the entire community GTA. Details are disclosed only for players that entered at the command ranks.

The publication overviews the activities of the teams looking for new members, to continue. To get into the official reviews Rokstar it is necessary to send application for Preference is given to the crews, who regularly post new photos in Snapmatic, participate in social life Social Club, have official pages in social networks and personal websites command GTA Online.

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