The may mission GTA Online: issue # 2

the May mission GTA Online: issue # 2
For GTA Online was again selected the ten best missions (Verified Jobs). They show a link with the movies from past years and bias on the traditional names in Rockstar, such as rain, Manhunt. Many works were made by the players, inspired by the recent publications edition Rockstar. To give valuable tips on creating and missions, and also mentioned criteria for the selection of works. Let us consider an updated top ten Verified Jobs.

the May mission GTA Online: issue # 2the May mission GTA Online: issue # 2

Carcer City from Zayvorne

The mission was created in the spirit of team death match (Deathmatch). As the location of the textile industrial zone. With nightfall start main events: to bad weather and begins bloodshed. In the mission there is a small selection of weapons and hidden on the ground bonuses.

Manhunt from staggeredguitar

This work created a bias in hand-to-hand themes and creepy atmosphere. Will be available fist fights and the means at hand up to incendiary mixtures. The action takes place in a dark and narrow lanes near surroundings Rancho.

the May mission GTA Online: issue # 2the May mission GTA Online: issue # 2

Smuggler's Run from Ackidapacki

The script is based on the smuggling of large quantities of drugs. Smugglers arrive in the Bay Paleto, and the buyer is in Los Santos. For transportation there are 4 class of vehicles, from bicycles to SUVs.

Smuggler's Run from gitedhanz19

Main place of events is barren and dry desert land between Zancudo River and West Vinewood. Confronting the teams will compete for already taken a bag with drugs. Local inhabitants are not delighted with the invasion of new players from the North and South of the desert.

the May mission GTA Online: issue # 2the May mission GTA Online: issue # 2

Max Payne 3 from GroveSTHome

The mission is created with an emphasis on game events in Max Payne 3. Spacious countryside and elegant setting in the premises will be waiting for each player. The most interesting turns of events begins when users familiar with the labyrinth and begin to use barriers to effective defence, and an unexpected attack.

Hold: Gang Wars from Hiroshio

In the mission to blur the distinction between the performance of the game world in GTA Online and Max Payne 3. New players will receive a difficult job that will allow you to join the gang. Players will have to get weapons, money and meet with hostile neighbors.

the May mission GTA Online: issue # 2the May mission GTA Online: issue # 2

Midnight Club from Geordieboy89

The main actions selected extensive enough location in the centre of La Mesa. The criminal world revived in the night time. Players in GTA Online you need to consider the strategy of the game in advance and be prepared for unexpected explosions.

Midnight Club from Licky106

The mission was established for all riders, not knowing the word "defeat". The race route will go through Rockford Hills, the Western part Vinewood, Burton and some other point on the map. On the trail there is a false turns, designed to increase the number of accidents.

the May mission GTA Online: issue # 2the May mission GTA Online: issue # 2

Bullworth from festivecave

The original mission of extraordinary items created an active participant in the social world Social Club, realizing all the benefits of teamwork. An unusual turn of events and elements of subtle humor will hardly remain indifferent at least one professional team GTA Online.

Bully from HSDUDE1996

In skirmishes in open territory will survive only a few. Players will be given a weapon for close combat. Fire weapons scattered around the area.

Edition Rockstar asks all participants appreciated the new top ten Verified Jobs, leave comments. Own work can traditionally be sent to MouthОff.

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