Record last fights GTA Online

Record last fights GTA Online
Creative collection Rockstar updated with a new video from the team players in GTA Online.

Tournaments in GTA Online

the Official trailer of the tournament "Head Hollowers" from group "CAP PILLAS".
Those looking for the opportunity to join a group that can offer many interesting events, one should pay attention to the commands GTA Online. They organize everything from mass tournaments to independent battles.

The team CAP PILLAS (BANG) conducts large-scale tournament. For the victory will fight 21 team. Watch the trailer posted above to view the list of participants.

ReapersofLyfe (REAP) often spread the battle mode, Team Deathmatch on his YouTube channel. Since March they have added more than 80 new video. The command takes 48 place in the top TDM, having to his credit more than 2700 victories.

Another interesting command-TURNTUPGANG (TTUG). Its participants put 40 video battles on YouTube. TTUG takes 167 place in the rating of TDM. Team members are quite sensitive to the selection of newcomers. Before joining their ranks are required to fill out the questionnaire.

Besides shootings, commands, pay attention to sports competitions. For example, AgeingInfidels (21UP) held a competition javelin. The third place clashed brothers BigDen454 and WrenchedOut24 (won by the latter), and conk12 surpassed Quper in battle for the first place. 21UP organize team fights for every taste. Competitions are carried out mainly within the team.

Review of battle: Highway Reapers against Aegis Legion

the Best moments of the battle REAP and AegisLegion.
Aegis Legion (EGIS) known as the organizers of mass events. In their last tournament Limitless in TDM mode participated 16 teams.

From the very beginning of the fight, Aegis were a step ahead of Reapers. During the game, experiencing technical difficulties. Had to restart Deathmatch. After restarting the team members Reapers rallied and won the competition, and their final score was 796 against 749 from Aegis. The record of the tournament is on pages Rockstar in Twitch.

Review of the battle: Ganja Outlaws against LS Mafia Family

Ganja Outlaws posted on my channel passage of the beginning of the battle.
After the victory over Ganja Outlaws (WEED) in a private battle, the LS command Mafia Family (LSMF) had the opportunity to offer public revenge. For Ganja Outlaws, which is the team of the "old school"it was a great way to celebrate the two-year anniversary at the Social Club.

Team members LSMF received nine-point lead in the race bike Stream Racer created Refuso of Red Rum Racing (RRR1). After three rounds the score became 257, and the turning point came when LSMF increased their advantage with 5 to 19 points. From that moment they were ahead and won 846-754. Full account team fights presented in the archives Rockstar on the Twitch.

Videos from users

About the new video players traditionally can inform the editorial office Rockstar. The best works will be published in the official newsletter.

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