GTA Online: review of main events

GTA Online: review of main events
hundreds of players and dozens of teams GTA Online have experienced the possibilities of new vehicles, including Pegassi Zentorno, in the framework of the Social Club High Live Event. In the process conducted by a team fights players receive bonuses GTA $, RP, valuable prizes and bonuses. In a competitive group Highlife Snapmatic were published hundreds of new photos showing success. In addition to screenshots of the game, published videos live Rockstar and author of the creation of players.

Official broadcast Rockstar: the social life of the players

At the end of may was recorded live Rockstar. In the framework of conducting competitions among teams GTA Online (photo, video, author of the mission was organized hours broadcast. The most interesting moments mounted in a 2-hour video.

Events in the community Videos & STREAMS

Update High Life served as an impetus for creating a mass of interesting videos that demonstrate the capabilities of new vehicles, weapons, clothes and other additions.

Earlier in the game community Rockstar rumors appeared that Louis calibre with your friends is preparing a new video with a musical bias. They proved to be reliable. Below is the entry "GTA Online Concert", where the main music is created by signals cars.

Winners Highlife Snapmatic

The winners of the photo contest will have privileged opportunities in GTA Online, GTA $1M and some other bonuses. Take a look at the works of the winners and more.

GTA Online: review of main events
Illustration "iGTA Off Off Broadway Play" was sent by the user Ayreon01, part of the team iCrandTheftAuto. Work is executed in style of the musical Broadway.

GTA Online: review of main events
"High Stakes" - the name of the creation of the player shenizian. Illustration became the embodiment of admiration of the author from new cars Huntley's, Zentorno, Massacro included in the game in the may update GTA Online.

GTA Online: review of main events
The basis for creating illustrations "High Life DLC Artwork by Snapmatic Art" from McGoooo420 served as the official insignia of Rockstar games, in particular territorial districts and the names of the buildings.

GTA Online: review of main events
Graphical masterpiece "Pillbox Hill" user-created repdek, which is included in the club of professional illustrators and photographers GTA Photographers.

GTA Online: overview of the main event
Illustration "Highlife Plates" user-created HairyHole that at the end of may took part in the live broadcast Rockstar.

lottery Winners Social Event

Known first winners of the lottery Social Event reported last week. Users who took prize-winning places, will receive special prizes Rockstar released a limited edition. These include the Golf club, memory card, t-shirts, stickers and other prizes with logos GTA. The first winners of the lottery are the users mad2ko0l and its-not-unusual. There will be 5 people. The drawing of prizes continues.

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