Video GTA Online: June, issue 1

Video GTA Online: June, issue # 1
the gameplay in GTA Online players pay considerable attention risky tricks. Committed more extreme maneuvers, which, apparently, is not compatible with the laws of gravity and common sense.

For the first video review June were selected the best 6 movies mounted talented players.

Movie GTA 5 - Superman Stunts from the user RedKeyMon

In the video conducted a parallel between GTA Online and world of heroes of movies with supernatural powers. We used a characteristic color attributes and modern transportation. In particular, viewers will see the breathtaking stunts with the participation of a high-speed motorcycle Pegassi and skydiving.

“Get High” GTA 5 BMX Stunts Montage from TheGalleTasHD and DutchHDgamer

Cohesive collaboration players TheGalleTasHD and DutchHDgamer allowed to create spectacular video. Was taken good angle cameras, which allowed us to track the skill of the players when performing stunts on two-wheeled transport. Grounds for extreme activity were selected top of the roof of Los Santos and specially equipped areas for stuntmen.

Grand Theft Auto 5 (Commodore 64) from MajamiHiroz

Under the influence of nostalgia for the 80-s, the user MajamiHiroz created a very original view of the alternative world of GTA 5. For this purpose they used a simplified chart on 8-bit. For comparison, modern computers use quality graphics display with 32-bit and more.

The Fall Guy GTA 5 Intro from Odog HBDogs

Explosions, speed, and risk - are the distinguishing features of this video. The player Odog HBDogs created another masterpiece in collaboration with the individual members of the teams GTA 5 Fall Guys and PainKillaZz. As the locations were chosen Los Santos and the district of blaine. In the video is not without nostalgia, which can be seen in similar events in the video and film of the 80's The Fall Guy.

GTA 5 TITAN STUNT Montage from Dallmyd

Have been carefully thought out and implemented stunts on vehicles, motorcycles and military aircraft. Not without improvisation, which only made the movie more interesting for spectators.

FrannciiSs (Brakec) | Jet Domination | GTA 5 from xFrannciiSs

Stunning aerial view of the surroundings opens Los Santos. The audience quickly forget when appears on the scene plane P-996 Lazer. It sweeps over the roofs and bridges of Los Santos and does amazing maneuvers in the air.

Clips dedicated GTA Online, are accepted by e-mail The most exciting and unusual works are selected for publication in the official news reviews on a weekly basis.

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