GTA: the collection "funny pictures"

GTA: a collection of funny pictures
this week a collection of "funny pictures" Grand Theft Auto has added dozens of new works. Among them were marked by the creation of Italian "artist", which demonstrated an extraordinary approach to creating a figurative images of the world and characters in GTA. His works are presented in the news Rockstar together with the works of other authors who found use your creative talents.

GTA: a collection of funny pictures
An active participant in Social Club schoolboy129 through the gun creates impressive artwork on the walls Los Santos. In bullet holes on the walls of a distinctly logos GTA, as well as the characters in the game - Trevor and rider. A complete collection of his masterpieces, the author published on the pages Snapmatic.

GTA: a collection of funny pictures
Italian Illustrator Daniele D Adamo refers to the number of expert designers for "fun illustrations" GTA. Within the gaming community Daniele known as DDJunior. The main attention he pays to detail and detailed images, which is clearly visible in his work.

Recently its main objective was to provide Claude proper atmosphere for the residence. To this end, it recreates the "safe" house, the architecture of which is based on the world of GTA.

Rich experience Daniele allows them to recreate thumbnails characters in Grand Theft Auto with surprising accuracy. The proof of this is the miniature of Michael, which sparked heated debates in Social Club.

GTA: a collection of funny pictures
Shanen is one of the most experienced creators of illustrations for the collection of GTA Fan Pics. His work presented above reflects fictional judgments, messages from Franklin and other heroes.

GTA: a collection of funny pictures
"Dream of me" is the title of artwork created by the artist Rotzloffel using loeffeldraws.tumblr. Initially, the work was executed in black-and-white and later transferred to the color format.

GTA: a collection of funny pictures
Community members r/GTAA recreated the scene of the concert Daft Punk. Orange smoke helmet on the actors and gestures to the crowd inherent in the times of Jazz.

GTA: a collection of funny pictures
Designer Ollie Hoff inspired by GTA5, shared their creations on Twitter. Illustration fairly simple and interesting for players. They can be often seen on mobile phones and tablets players as the main screensavers and backgrounds.

GTA: a collection of funny pictures
Party community Social Club Bronxjackass trust only the numbers and facts that virtual reality can invent their own. He regularly publishes alternative news of events in San Adreas and other locations GTA.

Applications of players who consider their works in GTA impressive and noteworthy, as always, can apply for Moutoff. In case of approval edition Rockstar they will be published in the next news reviews.

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