GTA Online: review of main events 20-22 June

GTA Online: events 20-22 June
last weekend players in GTA Online got a lot of additional remuneration. Including bonuses GTA $ and exclusive items with symbols Rockstar. Drawing numerous prizes was held in the framework of the recent updates - I am Not a Hipster.

GTA Online: events 20-22 June

clothes characters in GTA

Players became available three new shirts:

  1. Bitch'n dog food. The t-shirt is clearly seen favorite animal character and brand products for feeding dogs, which can be purchased on open spaces of the city's Liberty.
  2. Vinyl Countdown. The original t-shirt lets you show the other players that you appreciate good music and are willing to pay for it more than others.
  3. Homies sharp. Perfect for players who are in a certain period of time do not differ very active in GTA Online.
Upon completion of the weekend to keep the shirts in my closet were only able to users who bought them over the weekend.

Double bonus (2X) GTA $

More bonuses could get players who new playlist created specially for the update I am Not a Hipster. New music allows you to fully understand the author's intent developers missions for GTA Online and receive an additional bonus.

3X RP and 4X GTA $

For each kill the enemy were given three-RP-bonus-and four-time bonus GTA $ after the team mission. Bonuses were made only for the activity in the Eastern part Vinewood, Mirror Park and Chumash.

Random prizes

Over the weekend were falling from the sky boxes with random surprises. Among them were RP-bonuses, guns, bombs, GTA $ and more.

the Maximum rate GTA $

For all jobs have increased the maximum rate. Up to 10 000 GTA $ in all workplaces could put players who feel secure in their professionalism and good luck.

Contest Snapmatic Imnotahipster

The main goal of the participants to show their individuality, taking advantage of the upgrade, I am Not a Hipster. The authors of the most interesting works will receive a bonus GTA $ 1M and license plate Hipster for your car. For participation in competition it is enough to put screenshots of the screen with the mark #IMHOTAPSTER.

live broadcasts Rockstar

To demonstrate the update I am Not a Hipster last weekend was organized live broadcast with the participation of special guests Vikkstar123, MM7Games, ZerkaaPlays. Recording and reviews broadcasts available on the official resources Rockstar in Twich, Youtube, Social Club.

Lottery draws I am Not a Hipster

Were drawn exclusive prizes with attributes GTA 5. Five lucky winners received a trucker cap, t-shirts with images of space Rangers and symbolism of the TPI (Trevor Philips Industrial), as well as the original lighter GTA 5. Also were played ten exclusive sets with t-shirts and stickers GTA. A detailed overview of the lottery published in Social Club.

GTA Online: events 20-22 June

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