GTA Online: updates, videos and contests

GTA Online: updates, videos and contests
Official presentation pack "I am Not a Hipster" for GTA Online ended. In the framework of conducting competitions players in GTA Online got a brand t-shirts, cards, memory sticks, stickers, as well as bonuses RP, GTA $ and distinctive license plates for their cars. Presentation of a new update was traditionally accompanied by a direct video broadcast with the participation of special guests.

Official translation Rockstar

Players who streaming "I am Not a Hipster", you can watch it right now. Her entry was mounted in a 2-hour movie that includes the most interesting moments of the past events.

Copyright videos "I am Not a Hipster"

Professional players have joined together in order to present the possibilities of the new updates to other users. Were created dozens copyright of the videos, some of which are published below. Other entries and links to them is available on the websites of the authors, Youtube, Twitch and Social Club.

Video "GTA 5 Online Dubsta Car Meet Showcase - Show Me Your Dubsta!" were sent to active participants in Social Club - Garett Sutton and RedRobinz included in the composition of the team Jobless Gamers. Their movie caused a significant interest in the gaming community, as evidenced by the numerous comments in Social Club.

Players of the team's Poor Boi Racing successfully mounted the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody GTA 5 Version". The basis scenario was based on a wealth of recreational facilities characters with elements of parody to life situations.

the winners of the contest #IMNOTAHIPSTER SNAPMATIC

Work five winners of the contest are presented below. Themes of works completely systematized. Each author has used a creative approach, which significantly increases the chances to become a winner in the competition Rockstar. For the work done winners will receive a distinctive license plates for their cars and bonus GTA $ 1M.

GTA Online: updates, videos and contests
Illustration of "Haters Gonna Hate.." demonstrates the professionalism of the native of commands iGrandTheftAuto - player CaPn-bOnEs. For a unique effect was chosen terrain, the external representation of the car and to detail is thought over the trick. Driving skills and design art was on top.

GTA Online: updates, videos and contests
The work of "B Warreners" from the player DuPzOr made in the style of classic cinema. For years players find Parallels between the famous movies and events in GTA Online. The visual effects are improving over time, and fantasy authors knows no boundaries.

GTA Online: updates, videos and contests
Very funny illustration sent the user carsonclick. That's Pets have become an integral participants in the virtual world, with his characteristic humor.

GTA Online: updates, videos and contests
In their picture player ZazDilinger to demonstrate the power of design personality transformation and vehicles as part of the upgrade "I am Not A Hipster".

GTA Online: updates, videos and contests
Illustration of "Hole cat is watching you masturbate" published by the player Ayreon01. He chose a rather unusual view of game characters and virtual world, which sparked heated debates in Social Club.

lottery Winners "I am Not a Hipster"

Happy owners of valuable prizes steel users vvenom23, xXxCarrick, CCFCRyan99, Kincaid1103 and Djcred. They will receive branded memory cards, t-shirts, stickers and other valuable prizes, bonuses, stipulated in the conditions of the lottery.

Representatives Rockstar still assert additional prizes (stickers, lighters), intended for participants of the lottery. Therefore it would be wise to check e-mail, registered in the GTA.

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