Independence day in GTA Online

Day of independence in GTA Online
In the world of Grand Theft Auto Online the celebration of independence and freedom," broke in earnest. Events are booming from Paleto Bay to port in Los Santos. The gaming community is actively uses open in Ammu Nation opportunities.

Day of independence in GTA Online
Players can demonstrate their exceptional opportunities on two "star" cars, motorcycle Sovereign admitted on a huge track Liberator.

To protect the rights and interests became available formidable weapon - musket, painted in the style of the same "star" attributes with the use of white, red and blue. The main competing for musket weapons is a cannon shells which started known for the incredible breaking power.

Day of independence in GTA Online
In Paleto Bay and Vinewood characters GTA Online had the opportunity to arrange colorful show with fireworks and other combustible mixtures. For the organization of the show you can use up to 12 different shells with a different frequency response and unique effects.

To diversify feelings and have fun at the glory in Pleasure Pier. There was a nice view of the countryside. Players get the opportunity to ride on a roller coaster Leviathan.

Day of independence in GTA Online
The above pack's features are of a temporary nature. They show pride for the nation. During the updates players will be able to complement your wardrobe with a new t-shirt made in the style of the U.S. flag.

Day of independence in GTA Online
Gaming experience will be available until mid July. The exact date will be announced edition Rockstar in the near future.

Automatic update "independence Day" also includes advanced settings additions, among which there is a new feature On Call Matchmaking. It allows you to take a new job, continuing to play mode Freemode, reducing waiting time players.

To start using update GTA Online enough to run the game on the PS3 or Xbox 360 connected to the Internet. Players will be asked to download the automatic addition of version 1.15 and the compatibility pack for the game modules. When installation is complete, you can begin to use the updates and have fun.

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