Review of events in GTA Online: 5-6 July

an Overview of events in GTA Online: 5-6 July
Within updates GTA Online "independence Day" for the players were open advanced features. Last weekend active players were given additional RP and GTA $ bonus.

Double GTA $ RP

Double bonuses were given for the use playlists that are created specifically for updates "independence Day", and modified cars, motorcycles. For new playlists created a separate category, are available online.

Bonus calls and air attacks

Over the weekend players in GTA Online used the air strikes, an order which became cheaper by 75%. Active action in the air and on land contributed to the improvement of the command strategies.

discounts at the AMMU-NATION

Shop GTA Online acted discount ammunition for rocket-propelled grenades, RPGs, machine guns. Discount of 25% allowed for teams and individual players to significantly increase the firepower and start active actions.


Over the weekend, there was sent a huge number of photos in the contest #INDEPENDENCEDAY SNAPMATIC. Its main aim is to show the work of professionals, creative, fun players.

Currently checking all work and choosing the best. The winner will get GTA $ 1M and distinctive license plate for car, created in the spirit of "independence Day".

Broadcast "independence Day"

Took place the rematch "America against the UK". Among the special guests in the first command is present Lui Calibri, the second team is delicious players GTA 5 O'clock.
Broadcast "independence Day" and other video streams are organized on Youtube channels, Twitch. To learn first about upcoming events from the latest news, and also in Social Club and other resources Rockstar.

Lottery in honor of the "independence Day"

5 players will receive specially prepared prizes from the company Rockstar. Among them aluminum bit, mug for tea, figurine statue of liberty, cap, t-shirt. All prizes limited edition with paraphernalia GTA. Also there are 10 prizes, including a mug for tea and stickers.

an Overview of events in GTA Online: 5-6 July

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