Patriots in GTA online: video and photo

Patriots in GTA online: video and photo
independence Day in GTA Online has become a full-scale festive event for the gaming community. Updated wardrobes characters, vehicles, graphic elements of the city. Players were given the opportunity to get increased GTA $ RP-bonuses and valuable prizes from the company Rockstar. Was held tournament battle was growing passion in acting contest #IndepenceDay and there is a lot of interesting events. Let's consider some of them in more detail.

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Last Thursday was opened old question about the conduct of the rematch between players from USA and UK ("America vs Great Britain - the rematch").

In the process of virtual battles all players had a great time and were satisfied, despite some claims from the British team. The final victory was won by players from America.

Upon completion of a command meeting the players went on vacation, where were able to communicate in one of the local cafes.

Patriots in GTA online: video and photo

the winners of the contest #INDEPENCEDAY SNAPMATIC

We represent to your attention the work of the 5 winners of the contest "independence Day". Each of them deserves its award, demonstrating creative approach to the task. They will receive 2 prize - GTA $ 1M and distinctive number plate for his car.

Patriots in GTA online: video and photo
Illustration "Palomino Highlands" from the player's King Leonidas. Historical war in the spirit of "independence Day" in GTA Online tried to repeat many players. Their diversity is the user King Leonidas, who was taken confrontation between the two teams on the hill Palomino.

Patriots in GTA online: video and photo
The wedding took place in San Andreas. Players from the team Rewolucja work hard to organize a fantastic event for newlyweds with fireworks, confetti and shots in the air.

Patriots in GTA online: video and photo
The original approach to the implementation of contest showed the participants of the crew Killers Credo. To create colorful illustrations Liberator man!" players had to work hard on a helipad in Los Santos and work in a graphics editor.

Patriots in GTA online: video and photo
Impressive driving skills are demonstrated in the work entitled "MERICA! F*CK YEAH!" from the user BsW93. This illustration is only one of numerous works published authors. These can be found on the official website of the crew Queens of the Damned.

Patriots in GTA online: video and photo
The user MOTTZ skillfully used the wolf mask made available in the framework updates "independence Day". The result is a very interesting alternative to the events of a fairy tale "little Red riding hood".

"independence Day" in GTA Online on Youtube

The winners of the video contest "independence Day" can get the collection of prizes. Among them aluminum bats, action figures, t-shirts and other prizes with symbols GTA, released in a limited number.

Currently summarizes. We already know about the two winners. Will get acquainted with their works more.

The video shows a very unusual approach to the use of the latest updates. The audience will be able to see extreme travel over rough terrain, where all participants of the event completely forgot about safety.

The player HikeTheGamer tried to combine events mass events in the spirit of "independence Day", which have a clear relationship with each other.

Information about the rest of the winners of the contest will be published in the nearest newscasts.

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