GTA Online: the most difficult mission

GTA Online: the most complex mission
GTA Online identified the 5 most difficult "contact" missions. This monitoring was conducted's contests in which users are asked to form groups for earnings GTA $ and passing through different tasks. Testing was attended by professional players with a grade of 100+.
Based on the obtained data were prepared job descriptions, and expert advice on completing each of the 5 selected contact missions. Let's consider them in more detail.

Death from above (death from above)

GTA Online: the most complex mission
The mission is available to players with the rank of 23. Single or team players have to get into the guarded mansion. When trying to penetrate the police arrived in a matter of minutes. Time is short.

To storm the mansion is recommended from the air. Jumpers can jump from a helicopter hovering above the house. At this time the sniper need to eliminate the threat for the troops.

Important suitcase (high priority case

GTA Online: the most complex mission
The mission is available to players with a rank of 25. The main task is to take possession of secret documents from the Mile High club, which is built in the center of Los Santos. Documents to be delivered to Leicester.

For passing this mission, it is desirable to have the support of several snipers who take positions around the club. As soon as the helicopter with skydiver begins to approach the club snipers eliminate the guards. Evacuation of parachutist also implemented by means of the helicopter, the safeguarding of which are snipers.

the Invaders base (base invaders)

GTA Online: the most complex mission
For players with the rank of 27. In the basis of the storyline mission is the desire of representatives of the company Trevor Philips Industries to expand its influence using Cargobob. Players will steal for the company's new car Fort Zancudo. To facilitate the task will be allocated to the plane.

During the mission recommended the runway in the Western part, are available for landing zones. This will allow not to attract too much attention opponents in the initial stages of the job.

Also, be aware that after landing and subversive works enemy reinforcements will not be long in coming. For defense and effective attack recommended hangar space.

withdrawal from harmony (out of harmony)

GTA Online: the most complex mission
For players with a grade of 50. The main task is to capture the protected trailer, which is transported weapons and deliver it to the end customer in one piece. The job time is limited. Reasonable will be split into two groups for 1 or 2 players and attack the guards accompanying the trailer, from different sides.

Closed factory (factory closure)

GTA Online: the most complex mission
For users with the rank of 18. The main task is to steal the vehicle from the factory Maibatsu and earn some money. When developing a strategy game, it is recommended to take for 3 players role - transporters, snipers and coordinators. The penetration of the plant is recommended from the rear. From there it is easier to attack and defend. Avoid cross-fire. It can cause damage to the cargo, which nobody'll need.

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