GTA Verified Jobs: the competitive selections

GTA Verified Jobs: the competitive selections
GTA Online selected 5 winners of the contest #IMNOTAHIPSTER, which is actively discussed in Social Club. The winners were presented the best author of the mission of the series Verified Jobs and rewards GTA $ 1M, and exclusive license plate for your car. Recall that the contest #IMNOTAHIPSTER was launched in the framework of events dedicated to the update I am not a Hipster.

The award GTA $ 1M will also receive 5 winners of traditional selection of author's missions Verified for Jobs.  Consider the best works in more detail.

the works of the winners of the contest #IMNOTAHIPSTER

Mission Dubsta Warz from player Darteyld
New Dubsta have to start with Chumash Beach, direct access to the desert Grand Senora, cross the mountains and overcome breathtaking descents in twilight.

The 80's Turf War from GAMRZ UK SliCkZ3
Lack of aggressive action, thrills and shootings? This mission in the spirit Deathmatch will fill this gap. In the beginning of the match the players provide only a limited selection of weapons and a handful of bullets. Start going Micro SMG. You can use and more powerful weapons, if you manage to find it.

Panto-monium Microcircuit from THEKerles
In the circular race players must be maximally concentrated. Chances for overtaking opponents will be the minimum. First will come only drivers who "feel" your car and have professional management skills cars in GTA Online.

GTA Verified Jobs: the competitive selections
Swedish Folkrace from MaximilianR18
Race created for budget vehicles. Drivers should pass the asphalted roads, passing to the off-road driving. Cornering is to be vigilant, because I designed them, given the strong side drifts vehicles.

The contest of the best drivers available near the runway Senora. Speedway great for realization of the most daring aerial tricks on your car.

the works of the winners of traditional selection for Verified Jobs

The Coil by Wormbo
Ring the race is organized for owners of high-end vehicles. They have to pass international airport in Los Santos, to avoid restaurant Sightings and back. Narrow roads have many intersections, which increases the probability of collisions at high speed.

The Los Santos Triangle from Ma1evo1ent Cheese
The route for the riders created on the basis of the previous work of the author - Farm Fresh. Players will have to overcome 4 laps to fully understand the consequences of collisions and enjoy sweeping views of the surroundings.

GTA Verified Jobs: the competitive selections
Loop the Lake from twisterrk
Simple circular race organized around the lake at Vinewood. Should not be distracted by the beautiful countryside in order not to leave the road on the treacherous turns. Skills timely braking on dangerous sections will be very useful. But do not forget and about aggressive actions on the way to victory.

Pit Stop from IckyQualms
Yet another mission from IckyQualms in the spirit of Deathmatch. The main events unfolding near the motorway Palomino. You should not stay long about fuel tanks, which at any time may explode. Remember that the enemy units available sniper rifle and weapons for combat.

GTA Verified Jobs: the competitive selections
Retaliate against gun harmory
To win in the next match Deathmatch possible only with the right approach to strategy development. The task easier specially selected area that allows to organize the attack on the enemy troops on the flanks.

Demonstration of the capabilities of selected Verified Jobs traditionally held live Rockstar on the Twitch. Presentation of new missions are organised with the participation of specially invited guests. If it is not possible to catch the live broadcast, you can always look at their record. They are regularly published on our website.

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