GTA Verified Jobs: nostalgia

GTA Verified Jobs: nostalgia
From players in GTA Online continues to receive new missions (Verified Jobs). More nostalgia traced in their works. This week's edition Rockstar decided to pay tribute to his creations, created in the spirit of GTA 3, GTA 4, Vice City and San Andreas. We shall familiarize with them more.

GTA Verified Jobs: nostalgia
GTA Verified Jobs: nostalgiaGTA Verified Jobs: nostalgia

the Mission of The Excange for Xbox 360 from the user JllThe JokerllK

For the base scenario were taken final events in GTA 3, recreated in the style of Deathmatches. In the game reminds of the last fight the main character with the Colombian group.

Bomb da Base for PS3 from DuPz0r

The mission also refers to Dethmatches created on the basis of events in GTA 3. Players waiting for a battle near the ship Les Cargo. Victory to be achieved at any cost. Without the wit and determination to survive will not succeed.

GTA Verified Jobs: nostalgia
GTA Verified Jobs: nostalgia

Four Iron for PS3 from auclair-O O

Deathmathes recreated on motives of Vice City. Members of Golf club and potential enemies were liberal in the choice of weapons and place of action. Among manicured lawns players will be able to find many scattered pistols.

GTA Verified Jobs: nostalgia
GTA Verified Jobs: nostalgiaGTA Verified Jobs: nostalgiaGTA Verified Jobs: nostalgia

Farewell, My Love... for Xbox360 from iLewisGTA

To develop the race track was used in the locality of San Andreas. The racers will have to pass around a Red County on cars original Assembly, which partly will allow to select the most professional drivers.

Valet Parking for Xbox 360 from DrHoctor

The circuit is built in the spirit of the game GTA San Adreas. Drivers will not only have to demonstrate their skills, but also to deliver cars to customers without a scratch.

High Stakes, Low Rider for PS 3 from thewolfking90

The criminal world San Adreas just conquered player thewolfking90 that created an exciting race near Perro Del Pier. The plot perfectly complements the music, sounds of classical radio station West Coast Classics.

GTA Verified Jobs: nostalgia
GTA Verified Jobs: nostalgia

GTA Lost Angels for Xbox 360 from RikkiVercetti

The basis of the mission laid the confrontation between the two biker clubs. Their main goal is to steal, to protect and deliver at the agreed place of value. To protect it is recommended to leave a few bikers between the Western part Vinewood and Stab City. Useful habit would be the installation of rifles and combustible mixture as a weapon used by default.

GTA Verified Jobs: nostalgia
GTA Verified Jobs: nostalgiaGTA Verified Jobs: nostalgia

Chinatown Wars for the Xbox 360 from Choc late

Two opposing teams have to battle for a valuable object in the narrow streets in the Western part Vinewood. An easy victory or mercy to expect not to have, because the weapons supplied guns.

Chinatown Wars for PS3 from WinR4R

Deatchmathes organized in Siners Passage. The Creator of the mission carefully thought out tactical location weapons designated for defense and attack. Each team has an equal chance to win.

If you have already tested the above mission, do not hesitate to postpone the discussion of their experiences. Share them with the gaming community by leaving a comment.

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