Fan art GTA 5: weekly update

Fan art GTA 5: weekly update
In Fan Art review of this week appeared funny animated illustrations, created on motives of GTA 5. There are also works of authors who have made a special emphasis on the understanding of death, representation of leisure and other topics. We shall familiarize with them more.

Fan art GTA 5: weekly update
Fan art GTA 5: weekly update
These images were created by joint efforts of animators caption and Julia Scott. The paper presents alternative ways of speech perception. By changing the image is not difficult to guess about the main themes of the conversation.

Fan art GTA 5: weekly update
Bloody view of the statue of liberty in the face Trevor Philips has depicted the user Silvermender. The idea appeared after the last "independence Day" in GTA Online.

Fan art GTA 5: weekly update
His vision of the characters of the game was presented by the artist skoptsky in the work entitled "It's a faint F***ING Accent!".

Fan art GTA 5: weekly update
Artist starfleetrambo intends published illustration in expanded form. "Nobody escapes the hard life", - commented his work the author.

Fan art GTA 5: weekly update
Fan art GTA 5: weekly update
These illustrations appeared towards the end of the contest #imnotahipster. The author did a great job on the script and choreography, finding and treating the editor of the most interesting image.

Fan art GTA 5: weekly update
Colombian designer Eduardo Restepo Cardenas has long worked to create a unique sports form Red blood". In the near future it can be seen on the athletes on the very real competition.

Fan art GTA 5: weekly update
KnoxNerd, the winner of the competition Thanks Cargobob Snapmatic, is proud to have sent mail Rockstar images distinctive license plate of his car. Interesting is the fact that the license plate is present in the virtual world GTA Online and in real life of the author.

Fan art GTA 5: weekly updateFan art GTA 5: weekly update
Illustration on the left is a representation of the scene Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. Copyright madbrikyo, successfully embodied his idea using toys Lego, and script elements GTA experience. Right image taykinder created using the card in multiples games Red Dead Redemption.

Owners and illustrators of interesting images, created on motives of the GTA, you can download them from the official group Rockstar pages Instagram. The best works will be published in the nearest reviews.

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