Team GTA Online: recruitment

Command GTA Online: recruitment
Successful teams in GTA Online looking for new players. This week we present to your attention 6 teams. Their number, style of play and life attitudes differ significantly from each other. Each user is free to choose a team that suits his preferences.

Command adobotz headed ZiggyBotz

Command GTA Online: recruitment
The team was founded in may 2014 and several months has won great popularity. Over 90% of the members of the crew are active players, more than 70% - maintained regular contact via Skype.

To obtain membership in the team is an honour and a privilege for many users. The team is not in a hurry and not walk around until around, clearly when setting a goal. Most players showing increased activity in the Social Club and participate in the development of the official page of the crew.

8492nd squadron headed Jackal

Command GTA Online: recruitment
The crew is focused exclusively on the professional pilots. They achieve complete dominance in the sky over Los Santos and Blaine County. Almost none of air fight in the spirit Deathmatch not without their participation.

A distinctive feature of players is ready to immediately come to the aid of friendly crew. Professional support from the air will not leave the enemy no chance.

Command GTA Online: recruitment

Devil squad gangsta headed Gamerholic

Command GTA Online: recruitment
Around the devil's team is constantly observed unusual situations connected with mystical forces of darkness. Devil bias in the conduct of the players does not prevent them to adapt to new trends. The activity of the team is manifested mainly in the Eastern part of Los Santos.

To become a member of the crew may the owners of Xbox 360. The main requirement for beginners - honesty and willingness to follow the command. Preference is given to professional users that can create new Deathmatch.

Command GTA Online: recruitment

Banzai bombers

Command GTA Online: recruitment
Unlike many teams, Banzai bombers no hard and fast rules and internal hierarchy. The participants tend to spend time and relax a little after everyday life. The main activity of players is manifested in a free mode.
There are only two main limitations. It is forbidden to kill allies and you cannot deny aid to friendly troops.

Players have posted numerous illustrations in Snapmatic. They can be traced as a professional air tricks, and funny situations.

Command GTA Online: recruitment

Sons of blackwood mc headed TMXTitanium

Command GTA Online: recruitment
All team members - bikers or people who prefer two-wheeled transport. When organizing joint activities in advance a strategy or scenario productions.

One of the main goals of the crew is the creation of large players Alliance. This is supported close cooperation with teams that have similar course of action.

Any activities of the team Sons of blackwood mc continuously recorded on video. The best moments are assembled and published.

Six star street racers headed TMXTitanium

Command GTA Online: recruitment
6 "kings of the road" were United to create a new crew that brings together the best in GTA Online. Team members regularly participate in the new races organized as in the classical spirit and style Deatchmath. The main objective is to confirm its leadership on the roads. Application for joining the team can submit all active and loyal users.

Edition Rockstar recalls that any team can get a chance to quickly gain popularity and gain new recruits. It is enough to send the application form on the official mail Rockstar. Reviews of the most interesting teams will be published in the nearest reviews.

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