Team GTA Online: overview of achievements

GTA Online Team: overview of progress
In today's "Crew Cut" will focus on a few friendly teams, reigning in the vastness of GTA Online. They are more active, purposeful and have over 1000 followers.

Command Hilbillies

GTA Online Team: overview of progress
Statistics crew is simply amazing. Players were able to achieve unprecedented success.

Team Hilbillies was formed in September last year. The leader is the user KnoxNerd. He regularly collects static information about the activities of players with the sole purpose to motivate all members of the game community for success.

Team spirit Hilbillies traced even in small demonstrations. A striking example are the illustration below.

GTA Online Team: overview of progress


The team excelled in the 2014 world Cup, held in the vastness of the Grand Theft Auto. The size of most communities is more than 1000 participants. They are active in Social Club.

GTA Online Team: overview of progress GTA Online Team: overview of progress GTA Online Team: overview of progress
GTA Online Team: overview of progress GTA Online Team: overview of progress GTA Online Team: overview of progress
The French team Paris Saint-Germain F.C. was founded in August 2013. Over the past year she has repeatedly won prizes in the championship Ligue 1. Crew members specialize mainly in races. For them to be 8220 victories.

Argentine crews CARP and CABJ also specialize in extreme driving. For participants CARP to be 10767 victories, CABJ - 8759.

Tennis is a sport in which teams MCFC and MUFC have been able to achieve excellent results. Participants MCFC won 799 victories. Also players from MUFC well versed in sports cars, which allowed us to win 1223 victory in the race.

Players from the team WARS won more European trophies than any game English club. The strength of the game community is parachuting. In the air battle for them to be 703 victory that brought them on line 156's rating. Some players are doing great with office machines, which allowed to put in the coin box team 6335 awards for first place.

Battle D.I.Y.

A couple of months ago was launched a contest Head Hollowers Tournament, which brought together players from 21 team. After a grueling battles in the ending there were only two crew - FANG and TDBG. Participants FANG headed XxSaya-ChanxX won, ahead of its rivals on 2 points. The key moments of the battle you can see in the video above.

Representatives Rockstar expressed readiness to respond positively to the request in carrying out revenge on the team TDBG. And while we congratulate the team of FANG and thanks HOT KIMERA, HOT LEDDY, HOT PaiiN and HOT TIGRE for participation in the organization of the tremendous event.

Command GTA Online: overview of achievements

Command video

The participants of The Ageing Infidels(21UP) has published a new video Sabotage - Beastie Boys with professional music.

In the filming Hexer Tribute was attended by teams Battle, Australia Illuminati and HDMI. The video is clear evidence of freedom of choice in the vastness of the GTA. Here everyone can find new Hobbies and realize their talents.

The movie received from participants of the crew STRR. Crime, freedom, money, creative realization - members of the crew do not choose that one, and take it all away.

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