GTA Fan Vids: parallel reality

GTA Fan Vids: parallel reality
GTA 5 has become the basis for productive creativity of talented players, who are the experts in exciting scenarios and professional installation of graphic materials.

Of the tens of copyright video edition Rockstar have selected 5 of the most original videos, which has already managed to gain an impressive amount of views. Consider them in detail.

Video GTA:Madrid - Real Life Trailer from the user Guillermo de Oliver

In the video, "Madrid" the authors conducted an amazing parallel between the virtual environment of GTA 5 and the real world. The beauty of the landscapes of Madrid, Spain, as well as the behavior of the public has a striking similarity to the events in the GTA. The authors of them have clearly shown, dividing the video into several colorful stories.

Undead Marston from Keevanski

Work Keevanski often involve recreating images of popular game characters. Realism works just amazing.

In the new video will be clearly shown as using special props to recreate the image of the undead. Masterful transformation sparked heated debate in the gaming community.

GTA5 - Emergence from ConsistentHD and ErasableNinja

Tricks user ErasableNinja on bicycles have been published on the official channels Rockstar. Each time improving performance chosen a more risky stunts that are performed by professional players in the GTA. Flips, jumps with high walls, combo tricks - this and much more awaits visitors when viewing video.

Opportunities from vader2K

Roller Opportunities to demonstrate the power of "personal" growth in the vastness of the GTA. The basis scenario is based on the features of the 80-ies that found their embodiment in Vice City.

Danger Zone 3 from vSubFire

Published roller known in the gaming community pilot vSubFire. Recording his tricks repeatedly attracted the attention of players and editors Rockstar professionalism of the production and piloting.

This time the route of extreme pilot ran through the southern port in Los Santos, the site of windmills, bridges, and other hazardous areas. Despite the deadly stunts, put on the route, the pilot is able to fly to a destination without a scratch.

Recommended for viewing videos

Edition Rockstar separately noted the following works:
  1. GTA 5 Stunts - Stunt Montage 13. The author roller gala event on his video channel has signed up more than 300K subscribers, what was the reason for the creation of a regular work with a demonstration of fantastic feats and spectacular stunts.
  2. GTA 5 Online feed me Montage. For a video of the user DropDeadOmix used most interesting events that happened in GTA 5 and Max Payne 3 for two and a half weeks.
  3. Stealing Time. The author has created a touching video with music for his beloved wife. The decoration used the scenery and the surroundings of Los Santos.
  4. Hood gone love it. The action takes place in the southern part of the LS. In the scenario laid only purpose is to show the option of receiving recognition on the streets in GTA.
  5. GTA 5 impossible STUNTS 2. The user RedKeyMon aims to show the viewer a new risky stunts in GTA 5 that craftsmanship are not equal.
The authors and copyright holders exciting rollers can easily share them with the gaming community. Enough to leave a link to the video in the comments on Social Club or send it on The most successful work will be discussed in the following news reviews.

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