GTA Online: events on August 22-24

GTA Online: events on August 22-24
this weekend update Flight School will become a cause of increasing bonuses in GTA Online. From 22 to 24 August, players will increase RP and GTA $, unlock new missions, discounts at retail outlets San Andreas, prizes and fun competitions. Consider for more information.

Unlock High Flyer parachute pack

Only until August 24, users can select the unique parachute series High Flyer. It's enough to start using the ability to update the Flight School and visit Ammu-Nation. Bag for a parachute will be provided free of charge.

Dual GTA $ and RP bonuses

Increased bonuses available to players using the new features and download playlists Event for Flight School, Parachute Pack. The appropriate event, you can choose when you download GTA 5 or from the pause menu.

Dual GTA $ for flights and skydiving

The time has come to use in the field, the skills learned in flight school. Double bonuses GTA $ will get all the winners of the competitions held in the air. Specially for this purpose have been developed and activated a new mission.

, Double RP for flying under bridges

Fans of extreme sensations will like flying under the bridges in San Andreas. Successful and professional pilots will easily get double RP, but others can only enjoy the colorful collision and to test their strength next time.

Exclusive discounts and free

Over the weekend at the Del Perro Heights Apts 7&20 and 0120 Murrieta Heights, you can get a discount of 25%. Each purchased property will include a garage for 10 cars.

Until the end of the weekend Lester holds a charity event. Within it you can get free airplane, helicopter. Just submit your application and not worry about hidden motives of his generosity.

, Double RP for killing and bonus GTA $ for group attacks

Criminal groups began to be active in the international airport of San Andreas. For murder and organized actions in this area you can get double RP and increased bonus GTA $.

Bonuses with "heaven"

From 22 to 24 August sky will throw boxes with prizes. It is recommended to pay attention to the special Crate Drops. They contain additional GTA $, RP, RPG and guns.


Version Rockstar is looking for talented users who will be able to show the ability to update the Flight School in all its glory. For participation in the competition is enough to make a unique screenshot and mark it in the Social Club as #FLIGHTSCHOOL until the end of the weekend. The authors of the 5 most successful works will get GTA $ 1M and distinctive license plates for their vehicles.

development Contest #FLIGHTSCHOOL

Rockstar is looking for talented creators Verified Jobs for air battles. According to the results of the weekend will select 5 winners. Their prizes GTA $ 1M and exclusive plate Aviator.

the Contest, SWEEPSTAKES

During the weekend will be determined 20 winners SWEEPSTAKES. They will receive an exclusive t-shirts with symbols of GTA 5 and Rockstar. Full contest rules published in the Social Club.

live broadcast Rockstar

On Friday, August 22, at 4 o'clock will be the official broadcast Rockstar. To demonstrate the capabilities of pack San Andreas Flight School invited special guests. Among them Martin Littlewood, Dan Nerdcubed. They will take part in air battles 2v2 around Los Santos and Blaine County. The video will be broadcast through the channels in the Social Club Events, Twitch, YouTube.

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